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The Maybachs always been an over-rated Mercedes in my eyes. Even with its startling luxury interior, modern technology and such extras as the assist button which can be used at anytime to get help finding the closest Gucci Stroe or whatever you may be looking for. I prefer the Rolls Royce Phantom when it comes to looks or the Bentley Arnage. But one thing about these cars is, you dont buy them to drive; you buy them to get driven around in. Personally Id rather be in the drivers seat and definitely not to drive someone around, I dont think theyll enjoy the luxuries at the speeds I to drive.

This brings me to the new Maybach 57S Coupe. At first glance I thought its extremely handsom; this is the most attractive Maybach Ive ever seen,Gucci Casual Shoes. Researching further I realised that this is actually a regular Maybach 57 which is being modified by a company called Xanatec with approval from Mercedes Maybach,Gucci Clothing Outlet.

The car looks a lot like a stretched out version of a Bentley GT. But unlike the Bentley which has slowly become boring due to their being so many out there and its been around for some time now without any changes,Gucci Handbag Outlet, the Maybach will be very exclusive,Gucci Belts Wholesale, as their only making one hundred of them and as with all Maybachs you can customise the car with never ending luxuries.

The Maybach 57S Coupe will be on sale for just 666,500. Id have the equivalent of my house three times to buy such a car, so for now I think a car from my local Fiat Sunderland dealership is probably more towards what I can afford.

The price works out almost double to what a regular Maybach 57 costs, but you are getting a brand new interior and the car is modified to give a top speed of 171mph,Gucci Shoes, its not a car if you looking for economy as it gives an average of 17.2mpg.

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