Handling Capacity of Portable Crusher Plant

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The portable crushing station is an integrated set of equipment made on the basis of the original crushing and screening equipment. This high quality portable crusher plant comes out of market demand, but when the customer understands or chooses it, it needs to fully understand its handling capacity, life, quality, and application. In terms of scope, price, capacity and so on, these conditions have a great impact on the investment of production engineering. We only analyze the processing capacity here.

The so-called processing capacity refers to the number of materials that can be processed per hour of the portable crusher plant, not the quantity of the discharge equipment, and the quantity that can be processed. However, for this data, different types of equipment have different processing capabilities, so we need to introduce the different types according to the different types.

1. portable jaw crusher plant, the main engine of the crushing station is the production equipment of jaw breaking machine, its processing capacity is mainly related to the handling capacity of the rough breaker, and its processing ability, the processing capacity of the production equipment of PEW series is between 15-650t/h, and the equipment handling capacity of the PE series is between 45-800t/h, different models are different. The specific needs are determined according to the equipment configured by the mobile station.

2. portable cone crusher plant, the configuration of the main engine bit taper, as a crushing machine to use, processing capacity is also determined according to the different types of the machine, the main types are four types, PY spring series, CS spring series, HST single cylinder hydraulic series and HPC multi cylinder hydraulic series, they also have different models, each one. The processing capacity of different models is different. The size of the disposition is determined according to the specific model of the configuration.

3. portable impact crusher plant, the configuration of the host bit back break, as a fine plastic equipment to use, processing capacity is also based on the different types of the machine to determine, the main type of PF series and PFW series, PFW series of equipment processing capacity between 130-350t/h, and the PF series of equipment processing capacity of 50 Between -260t/h, different models have different processing capacity, and determine the processing capacity according to the specific models of the configuration.

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