have no temperature

“Talking is cold, you a whole night didn’t return to building.”Long long eyelash suddenly Shan wear, if wood like this’ gentleness of snow can person of, Su talks cold tiny shut eyes, hands is on pressing, if”Yang” wood snow smiling face Ying hoping of Ying own husband.
Two bodies that almost are stained with to glue together send forth thick fine desire, ambiguous air, the temperature suddenly rises.
The light breeze of the veranda lightly kisses since then, the scene inside the house is infinite.Across to close tightly of inside the door, spread layer after layer pant voice of man and woman to hang up the person’s Shen Yin Sheng, once in a very long while flick it not to go.
Capital city airport.
The so big airport of the morning inside, crowd rarely seen, wipe a shoulder but lead of all of persons are in a hurry to leaves.Signing to get a windbreaker coat is ice-cold cool, have no temperature.
Is long to dissipate of to loosely put down, the consomme hangs noodles, as carve of sign over there, the Mou sub- underneath is implicit in fine threads gird meaning.
Tense the coat on the body, stand on the vacant land that the airport outside carries, face upward to hope the sky of dark.
The wood combs, I came back, you,Air Jordan 6 For Sale, whether is well.
Three years, livelong three years.Can time be cool the whole?
Is ice-cold cold deeply pale face, sadness within eye the instant Be concealed to go. Don’t know when a group of in western dress and leather shoeses, the man of bodyguard shape lengthened Lincoln from one car up stand down, the Duo greatly treading led reporter’s

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