high quality new sand making machine

Investment in aerated concrete production of wide source of raw materials, the VSI sand making machine market prospect is broad. Sand aerated concrete with cement, lime, sand as the main raw material, adding foaming agent (powder), through proportioning, mixing, pouring, pre curing, cutting, steaming light porous silicate products made of pressure, curing process. Because of its economic development after the gas containing a large amount of homogeneous and fine pores, hence the name sand aerated concrete. Our country made clear in the eleven five plan: the development of aerated concrete plate and an annual output of 10 — 200000 cubic aerated concrete block production line, autoclaved curing, mechanical cutting.

In recent years, aerated concrete products in the development of our country is very fast, very broad prospects. Aerated concrete has become a pillar industry of China’s construction industry, along with the development of the real estate industry, accelerate the demand for aerated concrete brick city urbanization is rising year after year.

This is fully proved the market prospect of aerated concrete brick production investment is very clear. Our new sand making machine to provide high-quality aggregate sand aerated concrete production. A solid foundation for the aerated concrete brick production quality. Natural sand resources are depleted, artificial sand become the main market. As the sand making machine equipment improvement in technology, quality of artificial sand is also continuously upgrade. Our new sand making machine can be, granite, limestone, pebbles,diabase, granite, ore tailings, stone crushing finely processed into a variety of high quality artificial sand.

The artificial sand products the new sand making machine produced a cube, grain shape, reasonable distribution, fineness modulus can be adjusted; especially suitable for artificial system sand and stone plastic, low production cost, good quality. Very much in line with the highway, high-speed railway, high-rise buildings, municipal, hydroelectric dam construction, concrete mixing station to provide quality sand aggregate, is the production of aerated concrete brick with primary sources. Our VSI new sand making machine, PCL impact type system sand machine, a new third generation system sand machine, sanding machine, sand making equipment is widely used in artificial sand production equipment widely. Our sand aerated concrete production a helping hand to help.

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