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founded in 2004, formerly known as Guanyun Foreign Language School. 2006 changed its name to guanyun West High School campus, is a private school. Broke the news that allegedly eating empty rates of five teachers were Guanyun west Jo and white high school principal,hogan, Chen.

“Wen Jiabao of Education,” a book recently published by the People’s Publishing House,giubbotti moncler, People’s Education Press,moncler uomo, and throughout the public offering. The book covers the Premier since September 1995 to March 2013 a representative of education discussed, including speeches,cheap christian louboutin, reports,barbour homme, letters,moncler doudoune, conversations and other 66,air max bw pas cher, the other 17 articles included in the news media group, educational activities,christian louboutin outlet, more than 50 pieces of the picture. Some presentation system for the first time publicly. The book reflects the Comrade Wen highly valued education and in-depth practice,parajumpers homme, reflects his thinking and the development of awareness and education, and recorded his education reform and development of positive efforts and exploration. (End)(Original title: Wen retired after the first book Why talk about education: special East Chu network Yellowstone News (East Chu Evening News reporter Shi Lian teach / Wen Zhou Wei / photo) poor parents, father and mother no matter how tough, are not suffering children. Guoyang County, Anhui Province,hollister, a pair of stray couple begging to Yellowstone, to discuss a snakeskin bag of coins, go to the bank to cash the money into a whole, they call the first time, the money still in school children.49-year-old high-Lin blind, 54-year-old wife,giuseppe zanotti, Wang Fang legs inconvenience. Gao Guang Lin said in July, home Guoyang drought, 6 acres of paddy fields on which his family to survive and wheat crops. No harvest, there may be two kids at home reading. In mid-September, the couple telling a child, begging all the way south,boutique louboutin, a few days ago came to Yellowstone. In the evening, the two men on the “flat” in the kiln under the flyover. Begging their reasons,air max homme, the reporter failed to contact their relatives and friends, could not be verified.High Kwong Lam invisible, but ingenuity, he compiled a small sachet of bamboo. Who hath people.

including five teachers were arrested for “eat double rates”, this five middle school teachers in the west, but only in establishment where the school paychecks,veste barbour, they are paid in the west high school. Yesterday afternoon, Guanyun Department of Education responded that the Modern Express,christian louboutin for cheap, beginning in July of this year, West High School will be in accordance with the higher level of self-correction,air max pas cher enfant, at present, in addition to secretly borrow school staff to clean up, but also to receive financial irregularities wages recovered and repaying.Modern Express reporter Wang XiaoyuAt least five teachers reported 50 million salary overpaymentGuanyun West Campus High School.

they will send a small sachet handmade.Weather getting cold,christian louboutin outlet, the couple decided to return trip home, the children prepare some winter clothing. Yesterday, they put the whole begging to save up the money back, ready to exchange the remaining coins into a snakeskin bag full of money. Find a row of several banks, only one-way traffic for the postal savings bank is willing to exchange them.Reporters saw in the corner of the main these coins, mixed with a small amount of points, five denomination coins. All coins tiled together enough to have ten square meters.”I work at the bank a few years, was the first time encounter.” Bank staff Mike sigh.The couple 8:12 into the bank, and other staff finish point money is 11:10. Coins over 3000, totaling 304 yuan.Seeing has to noon, the bank staff also prepared a lunch for the couple. After dinner, the couple immediately convertible to 300 yuan a whole money, call a daughter studying at the university.Yesterday,doudoune moncler homme, a source says, Lianyungang guanyun West Campus High School (also known as West Middle School Guanyun) including principals.