hogan 2011 and “History changes Information”

and changed his name to Zhao Hongmei.September 19, Xunyang Public Security Bureau Tan Qin Zhang success in answering questions about their families,hogan, have already said that after the “Previously there had been spending money on social circumstances buy accounts, Wang Kaifang accounts may get through this channel, has in Baoji, Xi’an Chang’an, Huxian renamed lived other places,tiffany anelli, but always Xunyang accounts without logging in. “When Wang Kaifang arrested July Huxian rented a farm village, rented house for more than 10 square meters, the locals say, 10 years, Wang Kaifang relatively occlusion, little contact with people, outsiders only from accent judge, she was a Southern to tenants.When police searched his rental, found a journal list,tiffany orecchini, the usual daily expenses, recorded on the list. List showed that her life is particularly difficult, the last two weeks to eat meat at home is almost no furniture, and almost no decent clothes.Identity alleged “whiten”Tan Li said Tan Chin in January 19, 2001, a small tobacco factory in Hebei Xunyang living area, are old friends Wang Kaifang throwing acid disfigured, after which Wang Kaifang flee.Police household registration information system display, “Zhao Hongmei ‘account has had three” change history information “: time for change for the first time at 0:01 on May 21, 2001,moncler outlet, after committing the crime away from her just four months time,abercrombie milano, This is the “Zhao Hongmei ‘accounts for the first time to time Huxian beginning of life.After two household changes were at 0:00 on the October 20,chaussure louboutin pas cher, 2004 at 15 o’clock on July 2, 2011 and. “History changes Information”, “Zhao Hongmei” has to Huxian from Gaoling had migrated, and migration patterns to “join relatives” reason to apply to “the original is lost.”Under the current provisions of Xi’an police.

“to join relatives” is divided into non-career couples seeking refuge, refuge parents of minors, the elderly parents of three adult children join their way. In addition to want to move into the police station to provide proof of the relationship with those who seek refuge, it also needs to provide the applicant’s original identity card and the account of this and other documents,basket zanotti, if it is to move into foreign accounts Xi’an,gioielli tiffany, the need to provide proof of no criminal.”If that is confirmed by Zhao Hongmei Wang Kaifang,moncler pas cher, then how she was seeking refuge in? There are no documents and relatives, these are likely to be the direction of the relevant departments for investigation, and if they can not tell the suspect is likely to suspected ‘whiten’ help She Nongjia accounts also can not get away. “an unnamed police officer said the household.”Zhao Hongmei” when obtaining the account and ID number, the reporter can not know, but the ID number to display information to determine,hollister soldes france, for issuing Huxian Xi’an,nike tn officiel, Shaanxi Province. More than familiar with the work of police officers in the household interview with reporters, said ID number, belonging One set for life,air max bw pas cher, is generally difficult to modify,hollister pas cher, but not equal to the ID number can not be modified, such as identity card numbers unless the applicant out reasonable grounds to re-number.

Tan Li questioned how Wang Kaifang renamed, and how there is a new account. If there is no account,abercrombie france, how could she married in Huxian with people.More than a dozen suspects annual rent a house to live life difficultTan Li guess there is nothing wrong, Wang Kaifang does have two accounts.According to an authoritative source,orecchini tiffany, due to the time span of 14 years, and this arrest Xunyang police portrait enabled comparison system, and ultimately, to collect the 899 portraits,doudoune pjs, screened over and over again through the police and got the original factory worker Wang Kaifang and friends to identify and eventually learned that Wang Kaifang Huxian has settled.

usually,woolrich outlet online, the police will not accept the request to modify the ID number.Yesterday,tiffany firenze, China Chinese Commercial News reporters Shi Tulian and Ji Huxian Public Security Bureau.