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Zhang XuejieSeen the “parents” and took “marriage certificate”.

suffered an electric shock to the ground,gioielli tiffany, after the hospital died. Later, the water heater manufacturers maintenance personnel door, together with the survivors hired electrician day investigation to determine the affect water heaters,hollister soldes, drain lines within the line of fire of a power outlet, due to touch the ground.Teenage parents questioned the walls of this building wires have quality problems, the whole ground floor of the body is not grounded, this find developers,http://www.caoqinan.cn/home.php?mod=space&uid=33339,felpe hollister,http://ihukou.cn/home.php?mod=space&uid=142567, get back that houses the warranty period has expired,abercrombie france, is not responsible.When washing hands,woolrich, teenager died of electric shockXiao Guang (a pseudonym) is by Area High School ninth grader, and then a month,tiffany roma, he would at least 14 years old. Xiao Guang’s parents are foreigners, after many years of hard work in Weihai, bought a house in the town of Blue Hill, May 13, 2008 stay.The original house was simple but happy in the evening of October 20 accident occurred.Xiao Guang Lu Jian’s father, mother, recalls the public Pi spend the day in the evening, the little light into the bathroom hand-washing, hand grabbed a metal shower head water heater,http://www.amarilfranklin.com.br/index.php?option=com_blog&view=blog,air max femme, then fell to the ground. “Mom Come and save me!” Cried the little light. Lu Jian Pi male flowers and ran into the bathroom when, lying on the ground is still a little light nozzle “stick” to the left.Lv Jianfu women realize children electrocuted,louboutin pas cher,http://bbs.letv.com/home.php?mod=space&uid=0, “quick to get rid of it!” Pi spend public shouting. “I can not afford to throw it!” The voice of small faint light down quickly. Lu Jian Fan Shen quickly pull down the gates, but it was too late, little light breathing, heartbeat has weakly almost to none. Lu Jian dialed 120, upstairs, downstairs neighbor also came to help.Haid hospital emergency medical personnel rushed to the rescue Lu. Emergency department records show that the medical staff took little light, his heart had stopped breathing 10 minutes. Doctors have carried out CPR on him.

the developers hope to give maintenance. But the duty to purchase Jia passed five grounds, said she will not repair. The person also said that the company has changed hands a few years,hogan outlet, the former boss of the House is not responsible for the cover.24th, reporters and other survivors came accompanied by Qiu developers in the district office again. He was called to the duty manager who explained the family has died of electric shock,http://bbs.hm169.com/home.php?mod=space&uid=143563,hogan olympia uomo, requiring the developer to the argument. The manager said, the Department for the sales office, to reflect the company Qiu. The same day,http://www.holic-ro.com/forum/viewtopic.php?pid=198008#p198008, Mr. Qiu was explained still houses the warranty period has expired,tn soldes, is not responsible.Qiu Looking for a consulting firm. Survivors sue a lawyer who advises developers and housing contractors, accountability of their house wiring installation or poor line quality problems caused little light of death.Shandong Lingyun Chi Sui Xiaoning understand the lawyer later said that if confirmed dead survivor wire line the walls of the small light leakage due to housing developers and indeed should be held to the house wiring installation contractors pipeline defects or accidents resulting in poor quality responsibility.Housing developers said the warranty period has expired, Sui Xiaoning disagree. Sui lawyers that are installed during Gailou wire along with the main building, by developers, contractors to ensure the long-term quality or safety.The so-called husband is a fake name, identity card is a fake,abercrombie & fitch, a marriage certificate is a fake, even “in-laws” is also “extras”Text / correspondent correspondent Liu Yi Ming Ling Wei.

insert a breathing tube, catheter and other emergency measures. But half an hour tense rescue, little light has yet to resume breathing,http://club.tangguo100.com/home.php?mod=space&uid=1987, heartbeat, death is determined.Survivors attributed wall wire outsourcing rubber agingXiao Guang electrocution death,woolrich parka donna, Lu Jian Pi male flowers and distraught, Pi spend public mental breakdown, hallucinations, constantly talking about the “Children Are you hungry?” “There is no one to accompany you play?” Jia mostly relatives and friends away from work throughout the day accompanied by the parents of the little light.After the incident, police on-site investigation, identified as an accident. Little light remains were temporarily parked forensic center by the district. Xiao Guang Qiu uncle, who said that people should be held accountable since this accident.Incident that afternoon, Jia boil water heater plug so little light dinner after a bath, Lu Jian had put hot feet.Survivors first suspect heaters quality problems. Qiu Contact Guangdong manufacturers, plant sales staff in Jinan in 22 Da Weihai. 9:00 to 16:00 the same day, the maintenance staff hired electrician joint investigation Qiu Jia-water heater and the whole circuit. The inspection,woolrich italia, maintenance personnel and electricians ruled out the possibility of the water heater malfunction in the master bedroom wall outlet found the problem – the line of fire,woolrich outlet, earth outsourcing rubber aging. Survivors considered here touching short circuit, which leads to all appliances in Jia with a voltage of 220 volts.Qiu said, “onto the gates,hogan scarpe, you can hear the internal ‘stab stab la la’ spark sound.” He believes that this can prove little light was electrocuted reasons.Lawyer: If true, developers, contractors should bear responsibility23, Qiu et al accountability turning to developers.He was called to the developers in the Blue Mountains town offices. At first,tiffany milano,http://www.84chengdu.com/home/space.php?uid=142298&do=blog&id=220327, he only said that leakage occurs at home.