hogan by the 13th executive meeting of the State Council

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we will continue to rights of all teachers.All primary and secondary school teachers in ZhaodongNovember 16,hogan, 2014EdWoman in bed for 20 years was “camouflage”?Fucheng County in Hebei Province before Hachijo village has a “strange woman”: she called Gui-Ying Wu, 36 years old,hollister femme, has been paraplegic for 20 years, life can not take care of themselves,moncler outlet online, even turning should help. December 2007, Gui-Ying Wu’s Sister Wugui to their care received at home,tiffany milano, a few things happened since then has frightened Wugui family: long paralysis, and even turn over all need help Gui-Ying Wu.

still maintain the current retirement system.” This Decree No. 259 of the State Council and the spirit is the same. School teachers also recognized the scope of the collection is no longer listed.(3) “Teachers Law” (Eighth Fourth Session in October 31,barbour femme, 1993) (Article 30 states:. “After the teacher retirement, should enjoy the state’s retirement benefits” rather than pension treatment. ” Teachers Law “has not been abolished before, forced to make primary and secondary school teachers participated in the pension insurance is a serious offense.(4) “The State Council on the issuance of institution staff pension system reform program notice” (Guo Fa [2008] No. 10) provides that: “The State Council decided in Shanxi,boutique louboutin, Shanghai,red bottoms, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Chongqing City first pilot,doudoune parajumpers, and institutions by supporting the reform progress, the region is still not a pilot implementation of the existing institutions retirement system. “This morning in front of City Hall, we hear the city leaders said to us: you have to believe that the party, I believe the government. Now, you have to answer our demands we do not agree, do not understand. And we hope you will not be weighed on school leaders and other leaders,christian louboutin soldes, if you want to answer in this way,barbour france, I believe that any one teacher will be indignant,discount christian louboutin shoes, emotions will be even more impossible to control. If the party and the government are worthy of our trust.

but to our knowledge,nike tn pas cher magasin, in addition to teachers,escarpin louboutin, other agencies and institutions were not deducted from pension insurance. Please explain.Third, if the net pension is legal,tiffany, so there will be pension accounts. We require the publication of pension accounts, which should share these years we turned over pension and finance should subsidies. Meanwhile, according to the new policy from the beginning of July this year, we formally incorporated into social security, before we turned in early,hollister paris, and we have to balance the future. Do ten to twenty years, and we have said we will give high pension. Because now all retired teachers simply do not enjoy this treatment. Now interests are not protected.

what about a few years later! ! !PS: In July 2014 the former should not be deducted from the teachers pension legal basis:(A) “social insurance premium Provisional Regulations” (People’s Republic of China State Council Order 259) (by the 13th executive meeting of the State Council, January 14, 1999) Article clearly defines the scope of the collection of basic pension insurance :. “State-owned enterprises, urban collective enterprises, foreign-invested enterprises,christian louboutin mens shoes, private enterprises and other towns urban enterprises and their employees, the implementation of enterprise management institutions and their staff,” finds that primary and secondary school teachers in the scope of the collection is not in the column.(B) “Heilongjiang Province to improve the urban social security system pilot program” (2004.5.30) third paragraph also clearly states: “All financial contributions by institutions.

for the benefit of us,piumini peuterey, they will not take any tough measures to suppress the bottom of society intellectuals. Do not let them educate you and our future generations gardeners chilling.Therefore, we again through normal channels,louboutin shoes, to the higher response to our appeal. You asked us to reason, then you are the representative of the party and the government will be more rationally and objectively to solve our problems, rather than to try to shift, threatening to stall or even suppressed. We hope that all leaders Wednesday before we solve the problem of aging to give reasonable answers and, if unable to get a satisfactory response.