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Liu Zhijun finally recognize their crimes. During an investigation, he can truthfully confessed the facts of the crime, the “eat” spit it out as much as possible of the stolen money, pleaded guilty to repentance, with statutory and discretionary lighter punishment can plot. It is based on the performance of the first instance verdict and the law Liu Zhijun,hogan, Liu Zhijun strictly and severely death sentence,woolrich italia, suspended for two years, to give Liu Zhijun deserves punishment. This decision reflects the principle of suiting punishment, reflecting the criminal policy of combining punishment with leniency, but also embodies the spirit of equality before the law and the rule of law.In the case proceedings,hogan interactive donna, the court held a pretrial conference in accordance with law, to fully protect the rights of the defense and the defense lawyer Liu Zhijun, and held a press briefing to satisfy the public’s right to know. This is the people’s court open and fair judicial performance, is both the People’s Court of substantive justice and procedural justice performance,hogan outlet, ensuring the quality of handling cases, reflects the spirit of the rule of law and people’s courts strictly enforce the law, reflects the development and progress of judicial civilization.Liu Zhijun case is the party’s 18 People’s Court since the first ministerial level cadres bribery,hollister kids, abuse cases. Liu Zhijun trial of law reflects the CPC Central Committee insisted there will check the case, there will rot Correctional determination and strength. At present,tiffany firenze, all over the country to carry out the Party’s mass line in educational activities, Liu Zhijun case of first instance trial and sentencing, all party members to provide a new negative example, anti-corruption once again sounded the alarm: For the corrupt elements, whether who.

no matter how high their duties, hide how deep are bound to be punished by law.Xinhua News Agency reporters Chen Fei and Yang Weihan(Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, July 8) -(Original title: Liu Zhijun to bribery, crime of abuse of First Instance PipBeijing News (Reporter Ho light) 2003 job “directed Weipei Master Brochure” states may be awarded degree certificate and diploma,christian louboutin femme, but did not get a diploma upon graduation. Baoding Wang believes Beijing Institute of Technology (hereinafter referred to as Beigong) alleged false advertising, recently, discussion to say again to the school.Yesterday,barbour soldes, the Beijing University of Technology,hollister pas cher, said, according to national policies and instructions of the Ministry of Education in 2005, the school was unable to give Wang a diploma, Ms. Wang was already informed.”Servants missed opportunity” triggered “discussing”The day before yesterday morning, in Beigong South Gate,moncler pas cher, 68-year-old Qiu Yue ladder mud spread out on a “Software Beijing University of Technology in 2003 for the software industry.

Liu Zhijun and his defenders no objection to the above proof manner. And Liu Zhijun court for prosecution on charges of bribery, abuse of the criminal facts are confessed in court debate stage nor made excuse, its defender Liu Zhijun bribery allegations only 49 million yuan qualitative comments,air max pas cher pour femme, so to the end of the half-day trial. Trial, the prosecution and defense against all the facts alleged, the evidence fully express their opinions,hollister online, the court has identified the facts of the case, the court of the lawsuit to protect the rights of Liu Zhijun.Liu Zhijun law judge declare the rule of lawJuly 8, former Minister of Railways Liu Zhijun, bribery,scarpe hogan, abuse of power case verdicts, Liu Zhijun, was the first instance court for taking bribes, abusing power graft, decided to implement the death penalty,woolrich outlet, suspended for two years deprivation of political rights for life and impose confiscation of personal property. This decision demonstrates the people’s court punish corruption, “Tiger”, “fly” to play with attitude, shows the spirit of equality before the law and the rule of law, again to party members and cadres, especially leading cadres at all levels deafening alarm sounded.Liu Zhijun from the facts and circumstances of the crime,hogan uomo, the Minister of Railways Liu Zhijun as before,doudoune moncler homme, there is a serious crime. He later served as the grass-roots railway bureau chief, took advantage of his position to help others rank promotion for other companies to seek special interests, which repeatedly accepting huge bribes. With his promotion, power becomes larger,hogan scarpe, Liu Zhijun for themselves and for others to profit “efforts,hogan rebel,” more and more, farther and farther down the road of crime. To the time of the incident, he abuses his power, illegally accepting other people’s property equivalent to RMB 6460 million yuan, to clean the image of the country has caused great damage to the interests of the state and people causing heavy losses, a heinous crime should be punished according to the law.After the incident.