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I asked to know two children is three days did not eat.” Wipe neighbor Pingshu Fang tears, told reporters.Winter, even under the snow and then a big,hogan interactive uomo, two kids who did a warm coat. Ignite picked Kuchai beside hay and then covered with a simple nest, two children and thus hold together for warmth, often before dawn to wake up cold.After the Spring Festival,barbour femme, relatives came a message there in Wuan mother aunt may have clues. Ban Muan Silver City decided to go look for his mother, he was 14 years old.Miles traveled road in four provincesCarries a patchwork of 22.2 yuan, Ban Silver City embarked on a search for his mother for the first time on the road, this road away for 17 years.”Settled sister,abercrombie milano, I spent four dollars to Handan, afraid to spend money to buy food, and even want to discuss with the Muan.” But the mother of that aunt has already died, his family has moved away from the local area,barbour paris, Ban Silver City rushed to empty.I heard more music in the vicinity of the town of Shexian a brick field there is a labyrinth of middle-aged women,barbour pas cher, the class went to Silver City is busy and more fun to leave town, but let his disappointment that the woman is not a mother.Penniless,basket louboutin, hungry and cold, desperate little Silver City had left to work in the brick field. Because age is small,abercrombie paris, weak,moncler outlet, and others to earn 10 dollars a day,barbour soldes, he had only two dollars of wages. Silver City look for his mother to hear things, workers are very sympathetic, Silver City tricycle not pull at the start, “Quejinduanliang.” A month later, carries 53 dollars Ban Silver City went Xingtai, while working side to find his mother. After more than two months, nothing classes Silver City back home. Another Spring Festival, Silver City classes searched again set foot on his mother packed up the road.After three years of looking.

never too far out of the door,louboutin soldes, but poor illiterate communicate with people she never actually mysterious disappearances. Middle class home,hogan rebel, a day of Silver City siblings launched a village of relatives and friends, searched the surrounding village eight miles, and no news mothers.Hundreds of meals to feed the brother and sisterAfter missing his mother, brother and sister who lives more difficult. The first thing to wake up every day classes Silver City is thinking about where to go to my sister and myself to find something to eat.Poor neighbors to see brother and sister,tn soldes, today the club to block steamed bun,christian louboutin, tomorrow the West family sent bowl of hot porridge, small Silver City with her sister working hard and making the day. “Maybe kids particularly sensible,hollister france, never take the initiative to the village to beg to eat, really hungry, anxious just went to my house and patted the windows.

the class traveled Silver City, Shandong, Hebei, Henan,tiffany outlet, Shanxi four provinces, regardless of where a message appears on missing elderly,tiffany roma, he would tirelessly rush, but again high spirits away.

Father weep missingCounty xindongzhang Mengxiang Nan Zhang Meng Guang class home village was originally a happy family, but with the man of the house died,abercrombie france, one after another disaster befall the four homes.”My father died, his mother Jia Shumei tough with our four children living, the oldest sister, was brought to someone’s home, it has been in his early twenties working outside the city of Big Brother Ban issued .13-year-old and 11-year-old sister, my home and mother had each other, then although the day difficult, but relatives are around, did not feel how hard. “Speaking of childhood classes Silver City is still full of warmth.One day in 1993, Jia Shumei spur of the moment to go back to her parents Su Guang County village to see,moncler, but.