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do you think the biggest risk is the point from where? Local financing platform,hogan online, real estate, or other?Mr Yang: to use the data to speak, for instance,woolrich online, real estate loans,scarpe hogan uomo, and now probably account for about 20% of the Chinese banking sector loans, of which only 30% is the developer of the loan, while in the United States, and in some other countries, real estate loans It accounts for the proportion of bank loans of up to about 50%, so that the risk of real estate loans in China’s banking sector has much, then even more importantly,boutique louboutin, I remind you to take a look, the quality of China’s banking sector is now in the end how real estate loans Thus, as far as I know, bad real estate loans is lower than the rate of non-performing loans ratio entire NPL ratio as individual mortgage loans of less than 0.3%, so the first volume is not large, and the second current quality or stability, so it must happen,hogan outlet, soon to collapse, and I can not see it now. Government financing platform in terms of quality, the bank’s non-performing loans ratio is only 0.2%, which is a very important platform for loans is called, how many will finally fulfill the real needs of the government’s responsibility to pay,woolrich outlet, and now I took the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, for example ,doudoune pjs, loans to the platform, the project itself and that cash flow is sufficient to cover the principal and interest on its loan lenders accounted for nearly the entire 95 percent.

1% is what level? Take you now we all know the most famous of the average Citigroup, HSBC, Wells Fargo, JP Morgan, Deutsche Bank,parajumpers pas cher, etc. These, together have more than 2.5%, so from this perspective,parajumpers paris, China’s banking sector is still healthy, stable asset quality and, more importantly, is there a number we can explain the problem,parajumpers homme, the provision of our non-performing loans,parajumpers homme, and now the average is more than 250% of non-performing loans is to say a dollar,pjs homme, There are more than two of money, and even prepared nearly three dollars in there, that this money is not being paid, and I have a surplus.”Shadow banking” is the ticking time bomb? This argument is ridiculousReporter: Some people say that the future of China’s largest economic time bomb on shadow banking, do you think time bomb will not break? When will break?Mr Yang: I also noticed long ago, and even the famous foreign bankers say how the problem of how seriously China’s shadow banking may affect the stability of the entire Chinese banking sector, China’s economic stability, as well as it will affect the whole global economic and financial stability,scarpe hogan outlet, I think this is quite ridiculous argument. Authorities also have done to statistics, China’s shadow banking said China’s GDP accounted for roughly the proportion is probably about 10%.

but at the same time we can see the shadow of the US GDP, its bank account is up to 150% ,christian louboutin pas cher, so this can be seen,hollister milano, the amount of China’s shadow banking compared to the United States,zanotti pas cher, compared to some other developed market economies, we are a very small amount, more importantly, we leverage ratio is very low,woolrich parka, some of our leverage relatively high rate derivative products, we are not engaged in these operations. So I believe that this so-called bomb does not exist, because they do not exist, let alone when it detonated problem.Chinese shadow banking amount is not large Reporter: In your opinion,woolrich prezzi, the amount of China’s shadow banking in the end how much?Mr Yang: What is shadow banking? International Financial Stability Board has said that it is outside the banking system, from the banking supervision system, may lead to systemic financial risk that some financial activities. In fact, we define China than it is even more clear and more stringent that drifted outside the regulatory system no regulation or supervision of financial activities is lagging behind this, in this strict sense, China is not actually How many shadow banking activities exist, all of these activities are placed within the regulatory field of vision.China soon to see the real estate crashReporter: So if we say that there is a risk the current Chinese banking.