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it is not reasonable,hogan outlet, then give it to feed several times after eating, it will be familiar to my cry up.”Zeng said that given the silver carp’s vitality,hogan olympia donna, as long as the water is not contaminated, it could have been live. But there is little need to remind visitors not to bring their own food into the park for food and feed, because now puffed pellets garden provides is the most suitable for “reckless child” appetite “mainly because visitors bring their own food deterioration occurs,nike tn, if by eating fish, fish may cause illness. “Chongqing Morning News reporterLONDON July 15 news: According to the “Evening News” reported that at 4:00 on May 20,magasin abercrombie france, 2011,abercrombie, a speeding motorcycle, a van at the intersection did not meet in the center of the right side of the junction turn left To avoid a direct hit, the motorcycle driver anxious to fight direction, causing the vehicle lost control and hit the machine non-isolated green belt,giubbotti peuterey nuovo arrivo, 25-year-old was thrown by people right eye orbit,tn pas chere, sent to hospital after, although not life-threatening, but right eye completely blind.National Highways Man Road intersection accident site is located in Yangpu District,chaussures louboutin, when police arrived at the scene, only a motorcycle down the road. In the serious injury of people take to the hospital for treatment after the wavelet.

the police asked the motorcycle driver Bao. Bao said he and take people wavelet is a friend, and together they work, when traveling to the national Highways Man Road intersection and saw a left turn in front of a cargo van.

length of body weight accounted for less than its fundamental strengths, but swim in the water it is very happy. When changing the water while the fish pond last year, “Mang child” who is now a real body, then two guys put it on hold to the weighing scales, “cross twisted together with great force,hollister france, was swept about its tail, the human arm are a little buzz! “Workers Management Department to take a tape measure to give it volume a bit length, measured the length of more than one meter. It is reported that as “reckless child” this carp, the heaviest can reach four or five pounds, but in the deep lake, usually rare. And now, “Mang child” living in ornamental ponds, as long as the days not too hot,nike tn 2014, it will be in front of tourists every day exposed face several times, just enough to get people to their forehead exclaimed: “! Big a fish” big ferry park charge who said that before the New Year is often seen big carp.

with a body length of their children fairly, in fact, this is no exaggeration.A little temper People would pay any attention to sulk after being coaxedMs. nine temples of lives often go to the park view “Mang Son,” good weather also buy a few packs of fish feed to feed the fish. She said,louboutin, “Mang child” no temper, but only for the same. “If you empty-handed tease it a few times, shouting for a long time it may not care about you.”Xie Chunlan said that in general visitors just shout “Mang child”,louboutin homme, it will be attracted, but will not swim to shore, only for some special interest in the familiar voice. Like the staff sometimes call “reckless brother”,air max femme pas cher, it knows about and enjoy their meal, and they quickly swim to the shore, waiting for work in the hands of staff cuisine. “Initially I call it.

sometimes a pack of extruded pellets of fish feed a throwing go,tn soldes, no trace between the blink of an eye. “We have to feed on feed it to its mouth, otherwise other koi flexibly to eat a diet is not left.”Silver has publicly given an experiment,air max pas cher pour homme, after hearing the name,air max pas cher enfant, “Mang child” doddering along the side of the pool to swim over, because it’s older than 10 years old, so when surfaced revealing mouth, black forehead has some discolor. Was given a silver hand feed, while “Mang child” shrugged when mouth wide open, one into its mouth. Just a second,hogan interactive donna, when he retracted the palms, beside eyeing dozens of Koi like pyramids like the “reckless child” down to the depths of the water. Until two minutes later,nike air max, it only appeared in the long shadows of the central pond, while waiting for feeding the koi are still open mouth constantly gathered on the shore.Silver had given description: “These fish activity is strong, so a good appetite, the total feed unsaturated.” Now, “Mang child” every day to feed a dozen pack special feed, thanks to staff and specialized care for older visitors.Amazing strength It should be hit the tail arm hempEach packet feed cast surface of the pool always attracted competition, and “reckless child” has often been squeezed object.