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and the digital signal processing circuit for processing output of the preceding stage, the stress wave propagation time of the waveform, and through the timber in the stress wave tomography display. Users can measure the stress wave propagation time and change propagation velocity and calculate the elastic modulus of wood and other parameters, through the relevant data than normal similar species, to determine whether the defect inside the timber.”With our instruments, before felling quiz to know.” Information Engineering.

Zhejiang Forestry University student Wang Lixia, said stress wave just need some nails nails in trees to support sensor,hogan outlet, it is possible to produce by the percussion, insight Trees in the case. “According to pass back the speed sensor, the computer can display an image. Pass back to the slower, red, yellow, the greater the likelihood is displayed on the computer,red bottom sandals, because these two colors represent the tree has a problem,christian louboutin outlet, where red indicates problems The most serious, if the display would show green trees inside is good. “Generation instrument had been used in the Forbidden City”Our instrument,tn, not only can be used in the body is still growing trees,giubbotti moncler, but also can be used in the detection of ancient buildings in the timber. Generation instrument two or three years ago, also in Beijing Forbidden City TESTED column, to help manage the unit identify problems, advance maintenance. “talking about his participation in the development of instruments,abercrombie outlet, Wang Lixia proudly.The pride is not without reason. “Prior to this, the timber field of study although there are infrared detection method, ultrasonic testing, nuclear magnetic resonance detection method, but because the equipment is expensive, complex and difficult to promote,christian louboutin flats, the biggest feature of our product development is neither destroy the original characteristics of the material,christian louboutin ankle boots, can obtain test results in rapid succession addition, our instruments as well as in between the sensor and the measured wood without any coupling agent;. affect ease of use, size and shape from wood; not cause harm to humans and other advantages compared to similar products at home and abroad at much lower cost. “A new generation of timber stress wave tomography technology with international standards above has been.

long worms, cracking or other defects, there is no simple way to check it?To solve this problem, Zhejiang Forestry University, Wang Lixia, etc. 8 students under Feng Hailing, Li Guanghui, such as a teacher’s guide, after many years of successful development of timber stress wave tomography, can be like giving the electrocardiogram, as in the timber without damaging Under the premise of understanding the situation inside the timber.Recently,tn pas cher, the “timber stress wave tomography” in the Thirteenth “Challenge Cup” National Bank of Extracurricular Scientific work competition finals, won the “Challenge Cup” prize and the “crossover Innovation Award” award.Without felling trees to know good or badA growth of trees.

and are based on two-dimensional imaging, can make people look to see images of the inside timber. However, the price is a fraction of foreign products. “Germany instruments priced more than 20 million,woolrich italia, or Hungarian instrument price reached 300,barbour,000,nike tn pas cher, our price was about 30,000, efficacy are similar.” Now, the Provincial Forestry Department, Zhejiang Agriculture and Forestry University has developed timber stress wave tomography Miriam.The unique charm of Chinese styleBell soundChinese forward direction for the future development path of the stick,piumini moncler, reflecting the unique charm of Chinese style.Eighteen large windows to observe the reality of China,women jordan high heels, but also to grasp the opportunity of China’s future. Reporters around the world to the unique professional sensitivity to capture the latest changes, also trying to explore the reasons for China’s development and progress.

tree trunks, there are no empty experienced master hand knocked listen to the voice,nike air max pas cher, may be able to identify it. But still there will be missteps situation. Cut trees down to make materials like Forest,air max 2014, it often encounter is cut down a tree hollow useless, white cut.Professor Li Guanghui responsible for the development of timber stress wave tomography instrument,red bottom flats, said that the main instrument using pulsed hammer hit the trees, so that internally generated stress wave propagation, in the meantime,tiffany, join together with the pulse hammer wood stress wave tomography instrument automatically by a sensor output signal after the analog to the digital processing circuit processes the output circuit.