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products are renowned in domestic and international markets, we hope to redouble their efforts to make “big up” Chinese equipment worldwide reputation. “Every time I visit have to sell your products, you have to prepare plus care of their reputation.” Chinese equipment is quality of life, this is our globally recognized fundamental guarantee.When investigated in Liaoning March 26, Li Keqiang said that the international market is changing, and we need to let more Chinese equipment, high-end products, “going out”, the need to adopt a new strategic initiatives to expand imports and exports.Prime local officials raised requirements?The “right” to put to the marketPremier Li Keqiang after taking office.

in a number of occasions to promote transformation of government functions.

the enterprise not only to maintain the traditional advantages through innovation, improve product quality, and constantly open up new areas to be sure.Li pointed out that innovation is the only way to upgrade the industry, the key to China’s economic restructuring and development to achieve the driving force of innovation,hogan outlet, are the backbone of innovation, industrialization and information technology to build the depth of integration of the highlands, let China go faster innovation,parajumpers femme, more away.July 4, when Li Keqiang visits talkweb information company in Hunan, Chinese and foreign animation repeatedly asked the advantages and disadvantages. Company official said, the big advantage is that the domestic market, a disadvantage is slightly less creative, production is not enough fine.Li Keqiang said,doudoune moncler femme, you want to develop on the basis of their own superiority, good at learning and absorbing foreign counterparts creative ideas. I wish you creativity, innovation beyond. Mobile phone games as the representative of the mobile Internet is a new industry, China’s starting line with the world,hollister femme, first of all,moncler uomo, do not lose at the starting line,abercrombie france, and then in the competition process to afterburner, to create, in which play to their strengths,abercrombie & fitch, compensate for the lack of gap.

the world’s leading Chinese companies have the opportunity.Emphasis on employment and the environmentEmployment and livelihood of the people connected. April 27, Premier Li Keqiang visits Chongqing Wanzhou, when learned to absorb a large number of local communications company Masamichi Three Gorges migrants employment, Li said: “I am most concerned about is that we have a job with the employment income,Red Bottom Shoes, you can progressively live. good life. “There are industries have employment, but also to adapt to undertake both labor-intensive environmental requirements of industrial transfer is an important starting point for the development of the western region, take advantage of local labor costs and foreign capital, technology and organic” grafting “, so that the transfer of industrial roots .”China Economic Weekly” reporter also noted that, in recent years, highlighting the urban construction and environmental pollution problems.

but also attracted the attention of the Prime Minister.January 27 this year, Premier Li Keqiang visits Xi’an in Shaanxi when BYD Auto Co.,giubbotto woolrich, learned after a pure electric vehicle research and development,barbour soldes, Li said, this work is very useful, new energy vehicles, especially buses to improve urban pollution and noise problems To advocate for everyone to use, the government should play an exemplary role. He said that, in the face of growing environmental pollution, we have to face the problem, to pollute war!Faced with outstanding haze problem, March 26,tiffany milano, in Liaoning Premier Li Keqiang visits to Shenyang Yuanda Technology Park West District, independent research and development enterprise PM2.5 filter,cheap christian louboutin shoes, desulfurization and denitration equipment is very concerned about the detail about technology promotion practical situation and the cost of inputs. He encouraged businesses in support of national policy.

to promote the application of new technologies as soon as possible.With the expansion of the capacity of the city,giuseppe zanotti, how the infrastructure was also concerned about the contents of the Prime Minister. May 22, Li Keqiang at the sewage treatment plant in Inner Mongolia DELHI study, said the city’s urban landscape is the “face” has changed a lot over the years, but especially sewage, garbage and other urban infrastructure facilities underground pipe network These cities are “lining”, currently still weak. To innovative mechanisms to attract more private investment.Equipment manufacturing was “favored”In recent years, Premier Li Keqiang during these visits, many times to sell China’s equipment manufacturing products,christian louboutin outlet, known as Chinese equipment.

“super salesman.””China Economic Weekly” sort found in this year’s Premier Li Keqiang local research, investigated several equipment manufacturers and research institutions.January 28, Premier Li Keqiang visits to Shaanxi when it came to China Aviation Industry First Aircraft Design and Research Institute. Li Keqiang said here incorporates significant technical development of China’s aviation industry, China’s aviation industry must go its own way.July 4,christian louboutin men, when Li Keqiang visits CSR Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Co.,christian louboutin, Ltd. in Hunan, and academician exchange technical details, explore electronic control,basket louboutin femme, power systems,christian louboutin for cheap, and other professional issues. Li said that after years of efforts, we absorbed the original a lot of advanced technology.