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frequently used methods.(Original title: containment “human flesh search” does not affect the network anti-coSurvey:Sports Network (AFP correspondent correspondent Liuli Peng Mo hard) just like Jiangsu Nishimura, Wuhan, a 80 by 7 consisting of no wages that said, we ate, lived with the work,hogan outlet, flower sold by the company to pay, the goal is the future, “a suite per person a car.” 4 years,parka woolrich, the company started from $ 10,scarpe hogan,000 principal,giuseppe zanotti pas cher JfVyDeFzD9TbJSbROs, has grown to have more than 100 million yuan of assets.

which is to curb disorderly “human flesh search” to protect individual citizens Information will play a positive role, but it will not affect the rise in recent years and played an important role in the anti-corruption network it? Reporters interviewed Communication Law Research Center researcher Zhu Wei China University of Political Science.According to “rule” Article XII, network users or network service providers use the Internet public natural genetic information, medical records, health examination data, criminal records, home address,hollister online, and other personal privacy private events and other personal information, causing harm to another.

Including lighters,hollister italia, car perfume,hollister shop online nncUESmIoP9r7usdwx,hogan, carbonated beverages, electric mosquito coils, shampoo, space cup,hogan MtbzHu8pb00JWX9WeW,tiffany milano italia, rice cookers, expired fruit juice.In the August 7, the newspaper reported together on such carbon dioxide gas Cola carbonated drinks, causing burst events at high temperatures.Similarly, the case of long-term exposure of the explosion will appear lighter.PreventionParents should pay attention to home security1, home lighting equipment should be sufficient to avoid the risk of the occurrence of poor visibility.2,louboutin pas cher BviI7ADR5vLIn3f6EM, home appliances should pay attention to whether acute or projections in order to avoid accidental injuries.3, note whether the children are free climbing, or playing on the floor slippery place to avoid falls.4. Do not allow children to stay in the kitchen,abercrombie pas cher, hot water or hot oil to avoid being scalded.5, dangerous items to be placed in the reach of small children. Do not let children in plastic bags or noose on his neck, so as not to suffocate children.6, so that children can not use electrical appliances in the case of unaccompanied,tiffany italia, in order to avoid electric shock.CallHeat-seeking city newspaper everyday security blind spotToilet water is one of daily necessities, very versatile, but many people do not pay attention to their use of precautions to make it into a bomb explode at any time around.Since October 10 implementation of the “Supreme Court to hear the personal interests of the use of information networks against the Civil Disputes Issues applicable laws” to define the scope of protection of personal information.

The victim requested its tort liability,nike tn officiel, the people’s court should be supported.”Judicial interpretation of the scope of protection of personal information of citizens made a very broad provision,tiffany orecchini, above the EU, Taiwan, China, in particular, that home addresses will be allowed to open, peaceful role in protecting citizens’ lives significantly.” Zhu Wei introduction, this provision once to curb the spread of the “human flesh search” provided. But Zhu Wei believes that “rule” does not affect the anti-corruption network,tiffany milano ps2C1cDzt63Yd4eW6m, microblogging crackdown,barbour france N7QXiZduXFWdvitgPY,hollister pas cher, and other online pursuit. “According to judicial interpretation, to promote the public interest and the public to the extent necessary information is legitimate. It also enables network corruption ‘legal basis’.”According to “rule”,hollister france pas cher, written consent by individuals within the agreed terms,hollister online, and public; the public interest based on academic research schools, research institutions or statistical purposes,tiffany milano, the written consent of a natural person,woolrich arctic parka, and the public way is not sufficient to identify specific individuals; natural self in public information on the Internet or other personal information has been lawfully published; personal information in order to obtain legal channels; the laws or administrative regulations,zanotti pas cher QG5iEbmtGp0JdF2yLZ,tiffany milano, but also legitimate. “It also provides a space for the current development and utilization of big data.” Zhu Wei, for example, assume that a medical institution mastered the medical records of a large number of patients and big data analysis, as long as the written consent of the patient,woolrich uomo U2HdvBOvSnV7bcDJ1C, and the publicly available information is not sufficient to identify the Who are the specific patient,moncler doudoune, it can be assured that this announcement.Natural self-public information on the web.

personal information has been lawfully disclosed personal information to obtain is not legitimate channels can freely gather and open it? “According to the” Regulations “, if such disclosure is a violation of the public interest, public morality manner, or public information against the vital interests worth protecting human rights, the rights of people requesting network user or network service providers liable The people’s court shall support. “Zhu Wei believes that measure between the public interest and personal interests of citizens, will be applicable in the future when the judge in the judicial interpretation.