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as KMT Honorary Chairman Lien Chan “Of course care”; Lien believes that Ma Ying-jeou’s remarks to the party,hogan outlet online, have a great influence on society, should be cautious,hogan milano, Zhou Yan.Lien ‘attention is the party’s unity “Ding far more than that Lien Chan attention is party unity, hope the people and social stability stability; “I hope all see things from this perspective,chaussure jimmy choo,” things are slowly round,hogan olympia uomo, not to cause unrest. Set the tone for Ma Ying-jeou said Wang Jin Guan Ding far more pointed, every week to do anything serious, meditate,tn, especially if a person judge said there should be absolutely off the evidence.

figures from January to October this year compared to last year fell by 41%, decline in the overall figure is high,air max bw pas cher, showing the ICAC major publicity effect.(Original title: Hong Kong ICAC corruption cases continued to improve corruption complaints Original title: Lien granted Horse: Should such a shame Wang JinpingCore Tip: Taiwan’s “United Daily News” today (the 10th) published the article “Lien granted Horse: Wang Jin should not be so humiliated.” The article said that the KMT Honorary Chairman Lien Chan is very concerned about Wang Jin Ma Ying-jeou said the incident involving customs processing, frankly do not want to destabilize the KMT and the community. As for the discipline aspect,parajumpers paris, Lien Chan also said the harsh words that should not use this improper way to humiliate Wang Jinping, should be given basic respect. Moreover, Wang Jin who is still off the island, so also criticized Ma’s approach lacks Zhou Yan.Kuomintang Lien Chan is currently the only statement on the matter Tate’s position within the party. He attended last Saturday when the KMT Standing Committee elections, but also do not want to speak on the matter; but after Ma Ying-jeou press conference after Sunday, Lien Chan attitude into clear terms, not in favor of such a deal.Some media reports, Ma Ying-jeou press conference immediately after the call Lien Chan,giubbotti peuterey donna, honorary party chairman Wu Poh-hsiung two for support. But Lien side said,parajumpers, “never received a phone call last week, 26”,hollister france pas cher, and said to seek support “should not be the first to call it? How to play afterwards?”Ma Ying Wu Poh-hsiung yesterday morning received a telephoneClose to Wu Poh-hsiung said yesterday (the 9th) morning Ma Wu Poh-hsiung received a telephone. It is reported that Ma Ying-jeou stated his main focus of conversation and ideas. Wu Poh-hsiung do not comment on the matter.Far more than Lien Chan Ding Office said yesterday that the matter has been raised in the community big shock.

not to mention the object is Wang Jinping.Picture is not clear,air max 90, “How can jump to conclusions.”Ding far more pointed, the current judge Wang Jinping any message and have only limited coverage outside parties say how well the whole picture of events are still unclear.

same period last year by 40%, indicating a significant increase public awareness of anti-corruption. The Commissioner Peh stressed that Hong Kong integrity remained stable,hollister italia, the Commission has now taken steps to improve internal cost reporting,hollister abercrombie, the local community and the public work of the ICAC remain confident.Old corruption case greatly reduced maintenanceThe Commissioner Peh the 16th and Kowloon City area who met us New revised “Building Maintenance Toolkit” to remind owners of old buildings careful selection of consultants and contractors, to prevent the emergence of “Wai standard” situation. He subsequently interviewed by the media said, from the local community and public opinion shows that public confidence in the ICAC anti-corruption anti-corruption work, not affected by the recent series of events involving high-ranking officials involved in corruption as well as former Commissioner. He said that public opinion polls conducted by the ICAC annual results announcement next month,hogan, I believe that the public fully reflect positive reviews.Peh reiterated that Hong Kong continues to maintain a smooth and clean,air max one, corruption ICAC latest figures show until October this year,louboutin homme, has received 2232 complaints of corruption,louboutin prix, reduction of 35% over last year,hogan 2014, involving complaints against the police and other government departments, as well as the relevant public Complaints and the private sector, all recorded significant decreases similar, reflecting significantly increased public awareness of anti-corruption. Complaints about corruption and repair of old buildings.










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