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so the police immediately summoned to the Dobashi Zhao control and the police station for questioning.In the face of overwhelming facts and evidence, the suspect confessed Zhao had often quarreled with her husband, she suffered domestic violence. August 18 afternoon, the two quarrel again and fight. When a bottle of sleeping pills afterwards Zhao broken roll into the water, and let her husband sleep at night thirsty to drink, to the death of her husband Kang foaming at the mouth.At present, the suspect Zhao has been under criminal detention, the case is still under trial.China Henan Channel Network June 13 hearing recently circulated on the Internet a hot posts,hogan outlet online, some representatives of migrant workers for the recovery work in Luoyang Luoning County wages, specifically to the tomb of Fan Yichuan County, Luoyang bow,christian louboutin, pray Fangong apparitions, to help them to return to hard-earned money.Photos show the location of the statue in front of Fan Yichuan County, photo Communist nine people.

so she divorced middle-aged woman posing Li Chen home to a blind date.What to know, Li Chen’s parents willingly gave gift and red after the wedding Liu Liumei Take home as an excuse to leave the house Li Chen, and Li Chen and cut off contact.August 11, the police, with the assistance of the Liu Li Lao six six sister captured. At this time, six sister Liu Li Chen learned this year has been 52 years, a whole bigger than their 12-year-old,hogan rebel, his daughter have been 20 years old.Currently, six suspects Liu Mei, Li Lao six has been under criminal detention, the case is being further processed. (Wen called human pA 68-year-old woman, accidentally fall into the ditch could not move the field. Against eating grass, drinking rainwater, survived 7 days and 6 nights rescued. Recently, the incident took place in Leshan.February 3 am, patrol line worker in a treaty 60 cm deep dry ditch found an old woman’s chest and abdomen pressing stone. Then rushed to the police found the aunt lost just a few days old Tangsu Rong town. Originally,woolrich arctic parka, January 28, Leshan City Central Suji town 68-year-old aunt lost Tangsu Rong family looking unsuccessful. Tang aunt said that the day she came home, accidentally stepped on a slippery rock fall in the ditch.

unable to move. “Dry mouth, I will open your mouth, then rain, hungry,outlet hogan, eat the grass beside the point.” Tang aunt told reporters that she knew certainly anxious to find her family,hogan scarpe, it has been adhering to,parajumpers femme, until the seventh day, After feeling when someone close to her doing the last effort for help.Yesterday, Tang aunt, said the doctor in charge, most people can not stand seven days without food or drink,doudoune pjs, let alone in the outdoor cold weather,woolrich parka uomo, Tang aunt’s age is relatively large, but her desire to live is very strong, and ultimately persevered. From her current physical situation, her condition gradually stabilized, but needs further observation and treatment.Chengdu Chinese Commercial News reporter (Reporter Li Wei) Yushu tuqiaozhen resident Zhao Kang often quarrel quarrel with his wife.

his wife sent xuyong bus station, his wife disappeared, he looked for are not people. Li Chen Li Lao six parents had found the same village, let Liu six sister to find out. Although Li Lao sixty-one start has never admitted Liu Li Chen six sister is lying, but with the intervention of the police, Li Lao six finally confessed the truth can not stand the pressure.Originally, Li Lao Li Chen’s parents just found six o’clock, Li Lao six hit his mind parents who cheat money from Li Chen flower, so he colluded with the work at the site of Liu six sister.

July 18, Li Lao six brings a divorced middle-aged woman looking forward to Li Chen family, the six introduced by Li Lao,doudoune parajumpers, Li Chen family learned that the woman named Liu six sister, divorced, and Li Lao six with In XuYongXian work, mainly in cooking and cleaning the site. Li Chen’s family on notice of the ceremony, Liu Liumei satisfied, then gave 500 dollars when Liu six sister gift.Before long, Li Chen also encouraged by his family to visit Liu XuYongXian six sister, their feelings rapid warming, Li Chen also gave when leaving 500 to Liu Liumei buy clothes. The evening of July 28,zanotti, Liu Li Chen once again came six sister guest house, warm and generous banquet Liu Li Chen won six parents loved sister,hollister italia, Li Chen parents again gave her 500 dollars to buy delicious. After negotiations between the two sides, the two will set a wedding in August 10.Married only three days “Wife” home no audioEvening of August 9,red bottom shoes, Li Chen Li Lao six came home and told their parents Li Chen: six sister Liu’s parents had come to the town of Taiping, and you should also say something to the people. Thinking not meet relatives, Li Chen readily allow parents were brought Liu Li Lao six six one girl’s parents 1,200 yuan a red envelope, and in order to thank Li Lao six also gave him a 1300 dollars seal envelopes. Wedding day,scarpe hogan, Li Chen parents also closed a 1200 red envelopes to the new wife.Li Chen couple of good old days just after the three days,hogan, Liu Liumei proposed to go home to see their parents. After Li Chen.

and wife beating. Recently, Zhao unbearable, the Kang poisoned at home.August 19,scarpe hogan uomo, 8 pm, police received Yushu Dobashi tuqiaozhen Victory Village resident reported two groups,chaussures louboutin pas cher, said his nephew Kang died at home. After receiving the alarm, Dobashi police and Criminal Investigation Police rushed to the scene to start the investigation and site survey work.After investigation police learned that the victim and his wife Zhao Kang often bicker and quarrel with wife-beating, marital relations is not very good. By year-old son when the victim was asked that,parajumpers paris, on August 18 night his son had seen the victim Mommy gives Daddy the water, foaming at the mouth and found my father after drinking. Zhao major crime suspects.