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“a sign multi-line After “the new policy,hogan outlet, because of the Hong Kong community concern about the new policy,barbour pas cher, the mainland immediately? stop the new policy.He said Hong Kong has always been an open city, is a tourist city, for the Government was not in favor of any traveler, damage our reputation behavior. Hong Kong’s tourism businesses to create jobs and bring economic benefits, contribution worthy of recognition. Meanwhile, as a responsible government, and the Government should listen and flat under the premise, to respond to public concerns and safeguard the overall interests of society as a whole, in a serious, comprehensive and pragmatic attitude toward the center, truthfully reflect the views of all sectors and specific handle the number of mainland visitors to Hong Kong,nike france, including adjusting the number of tourists and visitors to improve the structure of two considerations.Gregory said that two days ago the Government announced in April this year,louboutin pas cher, retail sales data,nike tn officiel, the month and the value of sales figures were recorded since February 2009 the largest decline,hogan interactive donna, after the figures were published industry and the community have made a lot of comments on the data, Many people in the industry are worried about the impact on the economy of the retail market, but also worried that if the regulation of the number of passengers, the economy will lead to greater blow. If you reduce the number of mainland visitors, while the number of visitors from other source markets failed to replace.

Hong Kong Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development Gregory So, today (the 5th) comes to the number of mainland visitors to Hong Kong, he stressed that today does not make any conclusions, because the Government I hope to hear your views, we also hope to provide direction lead to further discuss this issue, so that the final implementation of the policy is more able to meet the long-term and overall interests of Hong Kong.Gregory said,louboutin pas cher, we all know,air max femme, tourism is one of the four pillar industries in Hong Kong, accounting for 4.7% of GDP, which is not a very high number, but the tourism industry employing more than (in Hong Kong employs about 250,000 people), large part belongs to the grassroots and frontline service personnel, and boost the number of peripheral industries, so the vast majority of the world’s cities are hoping to attract foreign tourists and very positive.Mainland visitors in recent years, tourism has become the world’s cities for the object, mainland visitors in Hong Kong is the largest source of tourism.

visitors to Hong Kong last year,hogan 2014 uomo, a total of 54 million people,Giuseppe Zanotti Sneakers, of which about 40.75 million visitors from the Mainland.In the year 2003, mainland visitors to Hong Kong? They mainly through a group tour to Hong Kong in June 2003,air max femme, when SARS hit Hong Kong suffered economic slump, was a historic hotel in Hong Kong for one night only rented a room, dinner in restaurants generally only have a handful of a few customers Zhang �, some flights from Hong Kong more than once appeared waiter passengers situation. To promote economic recovery in Hong Kong,louboutin, the Mainland was announced the implementation of Mainland visitors “Personal Tour” (commonly known as the “free exercise”) program.

part of the city to allow mainland residents do not need to participate in the tour,barbour pas cher, but also in a personal way to visit Hong Kong since 2003 to 2007 to allow local residents to visit Hong Kong in a personal way mainland cities gradually increased to 49, 2007 to date,tn, the individual has been no increase in the number of tour cities, remained at 49 city?.2008 global financial crisis broke out,tn air max 2014 pas cher, the United States and European countries into the biggest recession since the Great Depression in 1929, whether for business or personal travel desire both plummeted. 2009 swine flu outbreak in Hong Kong, the Government needs to close a hotel in Wan Chai, Hong Kong’s tourism industry so fell into the abyss; Hong Kong suffered a double blow to the global financial crisis and swine flu. That year, China launched Shenzhen permanent residents “a sign multi-line” measure, allowing Shenzhen ten million residents in the household is probably more than two million residents after obtaining the endorsement in a year period,doudoune pjs, numerous personal way to visit Hong Kong , so a lot of our competitors envy. At this point of mainland visitors to Hong Kong increased to three main ways: the tours, individual tours 49 cities,hollister femme, and Shenzhen permanent residents of a multi-line sign.Supports both the Mainland Hong Kong’s tourism and economic development, but also very concerned by the ability of Hong Kong’s gates, but do not want to see too much because of the number of visitors,abercrombie bologna, so in the end of August 2012, announced the implementation of non-permanent residents in Shenzhen.