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she said,hogan rebel, “it is an accident, there are small regret But frugal always a good thing. “She hopes to have a no performances, no dress code requirements, we were sitting together relaxing smooth talk of the annual meeting.Most people said that by the end of dinner more significance is a busy year for everyone to sit down and chat and relax opportunities.This year they got wind of face, like the degree of reaction makes brakes exclaimed. Is the fate of the annual meeting is to disappear? Expert opinion is consistent with the common people.

public consumption plummeted, the mass catering market is still hot. For these changes occur within the industry and contrast,hogan milano, catering industry insiders said that the short term, to curb “wasteful tongue” food and beverage industry will bring pains; but in the long term.

when the brake should be luxurious extravagance annual meeting.Mr Wong said the people, “a shameful waste of resources, should put an end to the lavish, but for some simple and pragmatic ‘mental model’ annual meeting is to be supported.”Government departments and units, do annual spend taxpayers’ money, closed or simply do the whole country,christian louboutin paris, the society is a good thing. For businesses, both lively and thrifty held annual meetings, can boost morale and cohesion of the people, to rest body and mind,doudoune pjs, enhance exchanges, should be given their freedom of choice.The person in charge of a large state-owned enterprises view is that “there is no right to participate in the general public and business activities in some areas of the market, in the sense of grace expenditure is limited, naturally very concerned about the SOE’s every move, state-owned enterprises to bring inappropriate behavior effects are bad. institutions to enhance social welfare for the purpose of its funding by more government funds, financial subsidies, it does not fit the identity of the luxury consumer. “Sociology experts said,felpe hollister, for independent management of enterprises, the annual meeting is actually a human management, how do may in its sole discretion.Xiao Yang and ideas, many employees have said that the annual meeting or should do,parajumpers, after all, we worked hard for a year, get together under summarize experience under emotional expression, is human nature, but also in line with national conditions and etiquette, but waste must be eliminated.Zhang Lei believes feasts should be a very harmonious very enjoyable activities,hogan online, its meaning is not just rely on how much was spent, how much to eat something to reflect, there should be more valuable forms.Chinese people’s tongue waste,outlet hogan, non happen overnight, concentrated consumer or end banquet consumption is just one manifestation. Year will shrink, point to the waste and extravagance, advocated saving and thrift.In the annual meeting of thin.

these demands are not fully released,parajumpers femme, the market should have a response time may be after New Year,boutique louboutin, it could be the end of next year, Some units can find other ways to replace the previous annual meeting hosted by luxury mission. “Peking University sociology professor Zheng husband said, “will inevitably lead to power without restraint extravagance and corruption,scarpe hogan uomo, extravagance and wind to constrain government agencies, in addition to travel constraints cadre eat, the need to supervise the government’s budget.”Some experts point out that there are common under the policy measures to counter, thinking something behind the annual meeting to try to enhance the non-Jiuzhuo exchange between people, may also be stopped public funds Chi Hefeng helpful.Annual meeting could have, should have, the key is to be frugalIt is said that the show would like annual units aimed inspire the team morale,scarpe hogan outlet, increase communication between employees, summing up the past,hogan outlet online, look to the future.Xiao Yang working in the bank,barbour soldes, in order to debut this year’s annual meeting of the unit, ask the teacher to spend 2500 dollars to study dance, spent 3,000 yuan of money repairing the line head, I heard the annual meeting was canceled.

in your shut up”, end of year celebrations many companies have been seen as a “shut up” important work. Shenyang, a year-end celebration of enterprise spend 10 million yuan, a “celebration marked the king.”A few days ago, when a media reporter unannounced visits, a number of restaurants, head of the Beijing Office told,hogan online, “unlike in previous years, by the ‘rigorously enforce the frugal’ policy,parajumpers france, this year many companies would choose business dinner here.” Beijing Office Restaurant, “3000 yuan per table dinner started 5000 yuan standard, 8000 yuan decent, no ceiling.” Beijing Office, said a number of restaurants, is the largest selling liquor Maotai, 15 years at least 18,000 bottle of Maotai, ordinary flying Maotai 3380 yuan a bottle.Central repeated demands, some units still so ho Why eat?Public Opinion Research Center, deputy director of Jinan University believes that some agencies, state-owned enterprises, institutions lavish annual meeting, in fact,louboutin paris, a five-star hotel in the consumer, wines, dishes, dance kind of economic, social, cultural and symbolic capital, show its power position.Individual spending public funds go to private high club, Beijing Office, and change “out to eat” to “steal food,hollister felpe,” describes some of the annual meeting and dinner is “being frugal”, but the situation forced the move to hedge the far from conscious savings. This confirms some people’s fears. Some netizens called for abolition of this cancellation that is a good thing, but do not turn into another image of the project and show, the key is to change the inner consciousness.Many people also raised concerns about the annual meeting canceled, “now on will be canceled or reduced.