hogan rebel and frequent rotation

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house construction,hogan rebel, street billboards, and ultimately determine their own development zone located in Langfang City, a house. He detailed his address to a friend,ciondoli tiffany, after verification of addresses of friends and family, and immediately reported to the local police department,giuseppe zanotti homme, the sales organization will eventually take away. “MLM” 18 days of Liu, he “liberated” himself.To better Secret MLM industry, the reporter linked to a former MLM leader Mr.Zhang said he had also been his classmate pulled into, the other gave him a drawing of a big pie, about a lot of ideas. In order to retain people, the organization played the emotional card. “It was also holding on to someone else can I pull, I’m sure others can also pull to the idea, so stayed.” Zhang said, slowly, he did a top MLM organization.”Despite the different manifestations and management methods for each sales organization, but in the interests of the divided and grading are similar.” Zhang said,doudoune moncler, they divided ABCDE five internal level.

the purpose is to allow these people to lose autonomy ability, but also to do the monitoring. Meanwhile,abercrombie, the daily cell phone, “Master” should “monitor.”Speaking live MLM organizations, Liu has some not smile, handed over seven dollars a day to live on, a pot of rice, coupled with open boiled cabbage,vetement hollister pas cher, is three meals a day, also are called “Korean cooking water drift. ” “People here are pale and thin, obviously malnourished, one dream of getting rich doing nothing but their dreams have long since been kidnapped.”Liu strayed in MLM organizations soon, a senior Sichuan also cheated in, “is also lying to his classmates, with the last flicker of his trip to the university.” Liu said.Insiders broke the newsMore to the top, the more chaotic internal management � surface obedience to obtain the trust, issued a distress message with a cell phoneThis does not limit the mobile communications MLM gang. Every night,hollister magasin, the organizers will return the phone to call home to let these newcomers,woolrich italia, and process monitoring.In order to let the family know their situation, Liu on the phone with family, deliberately in language style,woolrich outlet online, the tone and usually exhibit strange, causing the family’s attention. Got off the phone while the “masters” do not pay attention, he would phone tune into flight mode, deliberate a day with family and friends lost contact.”Strange tone,barbour france, plus lost to day, really attracted the attention of the family.” Liu said in a pyramid organization, he appeared very obedient on the surface of the preacher’s theory had also been very interested in the preliminary trust After pay 5600 dollars, has been upgraded. After 7 days, the other returned to his cell phone.Get the phone, Liu will look for opportunities to texting friends outside, said he strayed into an MLM organization Langfang,hogan interactive donna, and told friends do not call. “Every receive a text message, I have accidentally deleted, afraid of them discovered.”In order to confirm their address details, Liu cherish every opportunity to go out and observe the roadside poles word.

where there is only one A-level people,hogan olympia donna, but also the highest interest income person.”If the new pay 5000 yuan, A-level people can get 50% commission.” But people do A-level there are certain requirements, and frequent rotation, must cultivate four directly into the B-level qualify.

and then look for opportunities.”4Liu surface is very obedient, pay to obtain the trust of the organization. In order to let the family know their situation,chaussures christian louboutin, Liu on the phone with family, deliberately in the language style, showing a strange tone, causing the family attention. And willful associated with family day.5Note that every time out to collect roadside poles word, house construction,hollister felpe, street billboards and other information, and ultimately confirm their exact location, using mobile phones to family, friends send out a distress signal. In the police department help, take away MLM gang. � “master” 24-hour surveillance,tiffany, meals open boiled cabbageLiu told reporters that the people in the organization and then checked all the stuff his bag and looked at his cell phone.In the course of conversation with these people, Liu was feeling each other to suppress his momentum,hogan, let him learn obedience and obey, and from time to time to give him instill “can not run around”, “how to do the police came,” and other words.The next day, Liu will be arranged to find a “master.” Liu introduced the so-called “masters”, in fact, is dedicated to the new supervisor stare, almost 24-hour surveillance, give new new clothes, her hair,hollister abercrombie, pour some tea,chaussures louboutin pas cher, and even feet.