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it is your home wheat looks good, can not do the job every day, hurry home it. “”While on the back.” Sun Ke would smile should channel, and subsequently pulled grass trees,hogan rebel, “This subdivision two acres, is a human food. My wife and son of the body is not good, can not work, do this point Suansha not live for me. “When I got home, SUN Ke Shi Miaoyun lover will have to do the dishes, we went to see,giuseppe zanotti pas cher, a bit at home.Walked into the room, greet reporters eyes is sixty-seven ready and doing shoes, look at our doubts, Sun Ke will say, “These are my Melaleuca ah, can be comfortable wearing. Pair of shoes for me it is a waste, I only wear the right foot, then wearing her shoes. is too fee shoes, one pair in January would have worn. “Adjacent to the new shoes, is a stack of exercise books,abercrombie e fitch, “came back from school,woolrich parka donna, I changed jobs, she was satisfied that the shoe on the side, no matter how late are with me, can be considered the home landscape.” Sun Ke would say.His life, half school, half the familyConversation, SUN Ke will phone rang, “Chongqing No,abercrombie pas cher, I’m the student.” When you answer the phone, I can see the other teacher has been invited to play in Chongqing.

Sun Ke would smile and said:. “Well, we must go.”After hanging up the phone,scarpe hogan outlet, SUN Ke will be very happy, “This child also had dropped out of school, I went to his house several times till he persuaded back to school, you see now, too much good, and my heart has been thinking about me.”August 1976, the Sun Ke self-reliance will become a rural primary school teacher, 36 years, he taught 560 students out of the mountains from the boulders school, more than 10 students admitted to the university.”There is a cadre of there own business, the children still quite disappointing.” Then, like a familiar SUN Ke will begin to tell their students taught.”Mountains poor, but education is fair, into the classroom every day, to see the children’s eyes knowledge, no matter how tough, no matter how tired Suansha. Give school children, for me, is the most sacred thing. If you can, I really want to teach a hundred years. “Sun Ke would say.Jinghua Times (Reporter Sun Siya) after purchase bank card master personal information, Zhu and other four people to copy the master ID cards, and later worked in the company’s bank account and fund transfers,abercrombie hollister, turn away cardholders through a network of more than 13 yuan in cash. Yesterday, reporters learned, Zhu et al.

“Attendance, go home.” Sun Ke will say, these children are preschool, far away from the school, go home to be the bridge, climbing, he does not worry. Send a child home, he insisted for 36 years.Sun Ke will say, after amputation, someone said he could not go up the mountain, “I do not believe in, leaning on crutches exercise down, not long after,tiffany roma, crutches under his left arm to grind thick cocoon, now fully accustomed . “Down the mountain, Sun Ke waist pinned in the left leg fell off, wind, empty,tiffany, and our hearts are full of it.Low-grade students sent home, he was known as the “guardian”Sun Ke from school to be home, is two kilometers of concrete road,chaussure louboutin pas cher, he must cross two bridges. “Escort” him home, is a hand with a wheelchair for almost a decade.”Repaired several times,louboutin soldes, could not bear to throw. A well-intentioned people to send.” Yuehua Jian, SUN Ke will be struggling to Yaozhelunyi. Wheelchair occasionally squeak babblings, Sun Ke will be self-deprecating, “With this voice, the road is not lonely.””Now overqualified.” Sun Ke will say before home, he would trip the water twice. Summer, the river is often waist-deep, we always want to take two clothes. Sometimes the water surge,hollister italia, to bypass another hill.”Throughout the year, the worst winter too.” Sun Ke will say, winter, rain, snow, ice, wrestling is a common thing,louboutin, “Last year, the river turn a wheelchair,abercrombie france, thanks to which no water, I just climb out. leg wipe the skin of the leg is full of scars now. “Speaking of which, Sun Ke will always be smiling, “throw beat beat, but also the wealth of life ah.”Winter rain, snow,chaussure tn pas cher, ice, wrestling is a frequent occurrence”After a period of time necessary to cut the wheat, and went in to see growing zayang Medina.” Medina is not far from the Sun Ke will be home. Approached,doudoune moncler homme, is Qinghuang neat white wheat and wheat ridge,louboutin homme pas cher, rare weeds.At this point, some villagers near the holding jobs at dinner,barbour catalogue, Sun Ke loudly say, “Is not eating miles to work, take a look at this one.