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she and two colleagues fitted carrying diamonds worth more than 30 million bags in PETN Road, Luohu District, stopped a taxi,hogan scarpe, went Luohu District Tianbei Village. Meanwhile,abercrombie outlet, impatient to get off because she accidentally left behind a diamond, have forgotten to take a taxi ticket. Found after perplexing, so hurry to report to the police station bamboo.That night, the brother picked up a diamond press,parajumpers femme, just to be on the night Ms. Fan line to see the TV program, so the night went to the police station to claim Fuqiang.Street reward good brother 2000 yuan”We really met a good man, thank you! Thank you!” In the police station and saw a lot of diamonds recovered.

Ms. Fan and his party deeply moved.

Shenzhen, Hong Mengwu Brilliance taxi company taxi driver in the rain arrived Futian Public Security Bureau police station, said Fu Qiang,tn, 17 am that day, he was touting near Huaqiang North, Futian District, a back seat car passengers found a green bag, opened it,Red Bottom Shoes, inside the bag of diamonds and how a business card.According memories about 16:30 the same day, two men and a woman had three passengers take their taxi from Luohu District PETN Tianbei Village Road to the Luohu District was raining outside. He speculated that there may be three passengers in a hurry, inadvertently carry the bags fell on the car. But according to the phone to call him on the card, but it has been able to get through, and therefore to the police.View duty police found green bags have an umbrella, a book on the introduction of diamonds, and a plastic box,parajumpers paris, the box has 8 package with a plastic bag of diamonds,christian louboutin for cheap, along with schedules, sales prices are 4-6 ten thousand yuan range, the total value of more than $ 300,000.Police tracing through the mediaFuqiang police station duty leaders understand the situation, immediately contact the media, and the power of the media hoping to find the owner. Nearly 24 o’clock, three Fuqiang police station rushed to the owner. After Hong Mengwu identified,orecchini tiffany, confirmed that it is time to those who ride it three.According to the owner, said Ms. Fan, three of them from the field trip to the deep purchase. On that day.

micro letters and other online chat tool in dating site looking for male friends get their basic information and then dispatches them information to Kiki, etc. 13 “wine care female.”Then,air jordan, the “wine care women” in a variety of false identity and male friends to chat about the victim to “billion-barbecue” shop, fabricating reasons to trick male friends were high consumption, such as the market price of 18 yuan a bottle of red wine in the store The consumer price of 1,500 yuan, doubled 80 times.Store from June 1 this year, has opened more than two months time, has accumulated more than 100 fraud, illegal profits accumulated more than 60 million yuan. Police disclosed that are looking for other people involved.(Original title: Wine care women and two hundred men lured month 600,018 yuan 1500 yuan sellTwo nights ago, three foreign passengers during taxi,cheap christian louboutin shoes, accidentally left behind more than 30 million worth of precious diamonds. The good brother found, put down the hands of the family, with direct access to the parcel 8 Fuqiang Futian Public Security Bureau police station. Reporters learned that the involvement of the police and the media, eight parcel eventually returned. � Shenzhen Special Zone Daily reporter Zhao XinmingCorrespondent crown yuan Yang Wentao any text / ChartCareless passengers left behind diamondsAt 18:30 on July 24 Xu.

joke, very happy! Even if sometimes a little because his daughter and germinal quarrel, but Vicky said: “family, our daughteGuigang BEIJING,christian louboutin outlet, August 15 (by Wang Gang Zhu Zhaofeng) 10 “keyboard player” friends network in search of prey, 13 “wine care women” to lure male customers meet to chat, Guigang City, an “unscrupulous” opened two months has been fraud hundreds of people, profit more than 60 million, of which the market price of $ 18 wine was sold to 1500 yuan price. Recently, the fraud gang was destroyed Guigang police, there are 16 people XingJu.Guigang police,magasin hollister, since July this year,hogan outlet, Guigang city police have received a report or report: Port Guigang North Harbour International Living “billion-barbecue” store hire “wine care women” use QQ, micro-channel, unfamiliar street and other online chat tools to meet friends around the grounds of the victim to the shop were high consumer fraud.Some victims cheated his experience through QQ, microblogging, sent the letter, and in forums spread, causing a big stir in the community. Guigang police attaches great importance. The evening of August 5, collaborated with the police to take the way, the organization of police on the “billion-barbecue” shop raids,christian louboutin outlet, was arrested Huang, Zhang, 17 suspects,parajumpers femme, the scene rescued six victims were illegal control of seized Bank card 5, a desk and a computer and other evidence batch of wine consumption alone.The trial identified the suspect Hwang, Zhang to operate “billion-barbecue” shop under the guise of touching as a way to hire high-priced “keyboard player” Moumou other 10 people, “wine care women” Deng Moumou 13 people, “security” Zheng Moumou five people.”Keyboard player” by QQ.

he looked at the mother and daughter Vicky operating table, he was moved to tears!Today, their daughter has been 5 years old in kindergarten Intermediate. There are weeks will start to bring his wife and daughter shopping together in the county, or to the riverside walk, every time it would attract the attention of passers strange. Vicky short stature, face looks relatively immature, it was also thought that even with the start week two daughters. However, he said, he got used to it all,abercrombie fitch, has long been able to calmly face.”Such a good start can run into weeks,hogan outlet, is my good fortune!” Vicky on their marriage very satisfied. She said that after her daughter was born,moncler doudoune, her husband were exhausted so hard every day to earn money to support their families, are distressed to see her, but she could not help. Vicky said, and now she and Kai Week “plus a couple friends” when idle to chat.