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the causes and the crowd became botch the focus of criticism.Will the meeting, the issue is not a problem for our party would have, because our party can win in the war years,hogan scarpe, to a large extent by the meeting, meetings to study the operational plan, as much as possible to be able to think of all thought,christian louboutin cheap, brainstorming, meeting again fighting ended lessons learned, expand criticism and self-criticism, which is our party from victory to victory magic. But it is worth noting that the magic of our party in many places, in many cases become a bureaucracy, formalism, red tape.Therefore,tn, the information age to re-learn the meeting, the meeting should be addressed to reflect what the problem is,moncler pas cher, in today’s highly developed information technology,doudoune parajumpers, a number of meetings to convey the implementation can be solved entirely by mail,abercrombie pas cher, video, and text messages, the meeting is to resolve the problem need to promote democracy and the need brainstorming.

the most fundamental is the need to recognize these leading cadres own problems, from themselves, change their thinking style,barbour paris, work style, to regain my party this magic, really good job in building learning organizations . Author: PalaceEditor’s Note: During the 2010 survey published two sessions of Jiu San Society figures show that China’s income gap has now expanded to 23 times, but the income distribution reform program after eight years yet to be introduced. On the 17th of this month,chaussure louboutin pas cher, Premier Wen Jiabao clear, income distribution reform plan will be developed in the fourth quarter. According to information previously disclosed, the program will list the timetable and roadmap income distribution reform, which adjust the initial distribution of income is the most important future income distribution reform. Recently.

economic and social system defects as well as economic development and economic structure is irrational, and many other causes of the income gap is too large.Income distribution system is not perfect,zanotti femme, is the direct cause unreasonableNational Bureau of Statistics latest figures show that in 2011,christian louboutin men, the annual public revenue 10.374 trillion yuan, an increase of 24.8%, while the urban non-private units in the average annual wage of workers is a real increase of 8.5 percent, employment in urban private units average annual real wage growth 12.3%. Revenue growth is much higher than the average population growth rate of wages. Urban employment and private units in urban average wage of only non-private units at an average wage of workers is 57.8%.The above data reflect the income distribution.

the People interview group dedicated to expand on the issue of income distribution research, investigation and analysis from different angles, will launch a ten period reported. This issue will focus on the distribution of income disparity in the status quo.Wang and Qin are small alumni after graduation to work in the culture of the company,cheap christian louboutin shoes, respectively, and financial companies. Wang monthly income of 4,000 yuan, while the small Qin annual revenue amounted to more than 20 million. Wang felt different income disparity is so great are the industry “to blame” is not fair.Our industry income gap is too large and not been fundamentally changed the situation prevailing. National Bureau of Statistics released data that, in 2011,hollister soldes, urban private units “public administration and social organizations,moncler sito ufficiale,” the industry average annual salary of 11,738 yuan,nike tn, rather than private entities ‘financial industry’ average annual salary of up to 91,364 yuan by the end of May this year, a difference of 8 times. And a set of data Jiu San Society Central CPPCC proposals submitted in 2010 cited shows the income gap of 10% of the highest income group and 10% of the lowest income groups, from 1988 increased 7.3 times to 23 times 2007’s.In recent years, the central government introduced a series of measures trying to narrow the income gap,air max one, but the voice on the reform of the income distribution in the community has not diminished. To solve the current problem of income distribution,christian louboutin pas cher, must first find the “cause.” Reporters interviewed experts believe that the income distribution system is not perfect.

and people feel very strongly. China Labor Association Vice President and Remuneration Committee of Hanan that income distribution system is not perfect,boutique louboutin, is the direct cause unreasonable income distribution. Mainly as follows:Macro-allocation policy is not perfect. Research co-ordination and deployment of a national reform of the income distribution and related reform program has not been introduced, nor clear how to arrange the state, enterprises, residents of the three distribution relationships,parajumpers pas cher, how to deal with the capital in terms of policy, allocation of labor relations elements.Financial and tax system is not perfect. In the initial distribution of state-owned enterprises, especially state-owned enterprises have a monopoly does not establish a sound profit remittance.