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on the one hand to the spot as the center,hogan scarpe, the delineation of a suspicious area, dispatched hundreds of police investigation of suspicious persons in the region.However,barbour france, there is no progress in the case detective work.Surveillance video showed the suspectA few days later, a group of investigators at the time of investigation and surveillance video found five days before the incident of the night, 300 meters away from the scene of a street, a man squatting light dark places. When a single woman after the man began trailing, but a passing police car,doudoune moncler homme, the man quickly left.Police confirmed that the man was a major suspect,cheap christian louboutin shoes, and follow the trajectory of the monitoring provided lock their settled near the city a large auto parts.The police came to the Auto City, for more than one thousand merchants mall, ten thousand employees investigation. Beijing Public Security Bureau.

photographs, and other documents focused examination, Unconsciously,basket louboutin, she gripped his hand bag, refused to let go.Upon seeing the man waving Daozha to her.Snow later recalled, was a faint smell of gasoline, then it would not be perceived.This series of articles written / reporter Anying correspondent CBin Bin married 21 years owe such as “bin”Marriage should be open house dinner crowd Today, they are a “public-bin” and “Mother Bin” joked with each otherWhether it is a student in the class or work units,christian louboutin pas cher, two of the same name is not uncommon. However, the couple did not see the same names.

in cooperation with relevant departments, temporary workers who worked in the mall Nie, was identified as “6? 16” robbery suspects. Victims snow had smelled gasoline,orecchini tiffany, and had engaged in a work related Nie.July 1, NIE in Tongzhou temporary controlled.4 suspects arrested for starting the “road grab”Nie account, at 23:30 on June 15, he came out from the cafe after Qinghe bridge, the bridge to see a single woman hand carry a laptop bag, then followed it 300 meters away from the woman behind it covered mouth,christian louboutin sale, knife threat scrambling. When the revolt was the victim, they used to carry knives Mengzha victim, stole computer bag. Then, he hit the car left the scene. A few days later, the computer will grab the low price.Meanwhile, the NIE also explained the three other highway robbery facts.It is understood that, “6? 16” cracked after the robbery, the police came to the hospital specifically,abercrombie, the progress of the case told the snow and their families. Police said the hospital in a timely manner due to,abercrombie paris, snow has been out of danger,chaussure louboutin pas cher, is still recuperating in. � about”PC has not let go subconsciously focused exam”Snow (a pseudonym), a Beijing University sophomore.Snow recalled that, in order to meet the final exam, her daily homework in the school library. Around 11:00 the night of June 15, the day it was raining,zanotti, she was ready to eat supper outside McDonald’s. But because many people, she intends to return to school.When the line to the Haidian District Qinghe bridge, she felt a sudden jump out from the side of the road, a man came up from behind in hot pursuit, and with a hand over her mouth, “no call, the contracted me.” The man said.”His one hand there is a knife.” Snow said, when she suddenly Mongolia, think bag with bus cards, laptops, computer stores your personal data.

dying, was rushed to hospital.Site investigation, the police disappointment: the day of the incident, the heavy rain,escarpin louboutin, the scene no witnesses, no technical staff to collect valuable evidence. Victims can not “describe” the suspect,doudoune pjs, except to say that time had smelled gasoline,Giuseppe Zanotti Sneakers, did not provide other clues.Police speculated that this is a typical case of highway robbery, the suspect in order to single women as targets of crime,barbour femme, trailing or Yufu robbery. If the guess was established, the suspect must go through the Capitol, or the familiar environment of the scene,chaussure tn pas cher, then it is likely to have occurred in the vicinity of the crime scene.Thus, on the one hand the police at the scene looking for witnesses posted around the “notice”.

the couple who lives in Beibei District Bin is a right. The couple were both born in 1967,parajumpers femme, 46-year-old. Married 21 years, the name for their annoyance, while more mundane life adds fun.Chongqing Evening News reporter intern Zhang Liping He Huaixiang Shaopeng She shadow reportsBin Bin courteous male femaleChen Bin (female) is a high school English teacher from Beibei.