hogan scarpe Shen heart lurking in the KMT more than ten years

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and more trust her boss.In this way, Shen heart lurking in the KMT more than ten years, provided me with a lot of important information of the party,hogan scarpe, until liberation withdrawn, no one doubted that she was the Communist Party. Now, in the dormitory courtyard of the National Security Ministry, still can see the shadow of Anna Shen 94 years old.Rao Guomo:Red Rock Village hostess “revolutionary mother”Chongqing Hongyan village had a legendary hostess: Mao Zedong in 1945 to Chongqing negotiations had “dinner” her; Zhou Enlai in the founding of New China,barbour pas cher, invited her to Beijing as the CPPCC National Committee; Deng Xiaoping Administrating the Southwest.

” and then they gave Shen Zhu Jiahua handled a “special party.” Soon, the stenographer Anna Shen became KMT Secretariat,hollister abercrombie, and with the national government move into Chongqing.”Toilet” top secret secretly recordedJanuary 1939, the KMT held in Chongqing 5th Central Committee. Chiang did not dream, Miss Shen buried CCP could even record Intelligencer.In high-level decision-making meeting of the Kuomintang, Chiang talked about some of the top-secret question, always suddenly ordered: “Do not mind the following words.” At this time, the audience who must stop the pen. So Anna Shen efforts in the heart memorization, a time to rest, she pretended to go to the toilet,tn pas chere, the toilet paper and shorthand. During the plenary session, the KMT orchestrated to destroy our party’s new plot, and concocted “Prevention Activities of Alien Parties” and “On the Communist Party of disposal methods.” Shen Anna quietly passed out two documents,barbour soldes, the CPC Central Committee immediately incorporated into the “friction comes from” a booklet published to expose the KMT’s anti-communist conspiracy.March 1946, Chiang Kai-shek’s highest military conference held twice,abercrombie pas cher, the Eighth Route Army and the New Fourth Army defeated the main plan within six months,hollister soldes, it was also determined that the deployment of military troops deployed and. These important strategic intelligence are recorded Yanan Shen Anna and quickly sent by Zhou Enlai “fast and accurate” verbal awards.Lurking over ten years did not reveal his true featuresBut the young Anna Shen also aspire to direct enemy fighting life. Her secret to find the Eighth Route Army in Chongqing office.

proposed to go to Yan’an. Zhou Enlai specifically looking for her to talk to her from the overall sake willing unsung heroes: “They can not work like this you KMT core departments.”So she went on with his career lurking. Progress and hold her family from books,woolrich italia, newspapers,abercrombie, fashionable dress,abercrombie paris, often watching American movies,doudoune moncler homme, Chinese Lunar New Year of the total going to visit boss. Every shorthand for Kai-shek to do,doudoune moncler pas cher, she will wear the best dress,hogan scarpe, because “so to see her only decent.” She also Nakai, jen and other written banners hanging in the house, outsiders thought her “old school” deep friendship.

a tribute to her “revolutionary mother”; when Yingchao 1985 to Chongqing, in her tomb personally presented a bouquet of flowers. She is the landlord of the CPC Central South Bureau and the Office of the Eighth Route Army in Chongqing – Red Rock Village Rao Guomo hostess.Red Rock Village 70 years ago,hogan olympia donna, only one farm,woolrich online, the owner is known as “Mrs. Liu,parajumpers homme,” Rao Guomo. She was born in 1895 in Dazu County, Township Guoliang a scholarly family,louboutin pas cher, whose brother is one Huanghuagang 72 martyrs. Rao Guomo was called “alien”,abercrombie et fitch, she dressed in a simple no powder, also refused to pay to participate in the Board, often ridiculed “stingy”, but “Mukden Incident”.