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offer all kinds of wonderful dream, but woke up after the discovery,hogan scarpe uomo, just shake their dream,” Wu said.The psychological consultant, said the normal emotional needs can only be obtained in real life,woolrich bambino, young people should be more out of the door, and the people around more exchanges,hogan, contacts, do not indulge in a virtual girlfriend,hogan outlet, emotional sustenance in the virtual world .Reporter Experience The other is really a woman? Shopkeeper refused VideoReporters specifically to pay for a “virtual girlfriend” service, the owner asks for QQ, began offering services girlfriend.Chat, the person claiming female,magasin hollister france, 29 years old, working in Beijing,giuseppe zanotti femme, is a company’s administrative assistant. However, a video chat request refused.A reporter asked: “Why when virtual lover?”The other said, usually not too busy working, virtual girlfriend previously heard only through QQ, micro letter to accompany someone to talk to,tiffany outlet, anytime, anywhere, without delay the work can earn a little money. After a registration.

” Students who speculated: “My reason tells me that this business because demand virtual girlfriend, so will go the wrong.””Virtual girlfriend” in popularity among young people beyond the imagination, has been reported in Hubei Huangshi, some parents found his son after buying experience a “virtual girlfriend” service,ciondoli tiffany, “almost explode.” The parents told reporters: “My son, 21, introverted personality bias, two years ago came back from the army, always say inappropriate work often change, then the total this year to stay home playing computer,” I did not expect his son to indulge in a “virtual girlfriend “In.”Virtual girlfriend” come from the source, the store can not tell, but friends said that this should be part of the “otaku culture”.

Monday opened her shop.Not many people buy? The other said the service business in general,abercrombie. Transaction records also show that the shop three days only made three pen business.

in Japan this popular comic book called “virtual girlfriend” as early as 2001 In the company had to provide “virtual girlfriend” service.”Virtual girlfriend” really relieve stress? Psychological experts: should grasp the degree,abercrombie e fitch, indulge them more harm than goodDirector of the Counseling Center,abercrombie pas chere, Nanjing Xiao Ran, chief expert Wu on the “virtual girlfriend” and “popular” is neutral, he said, to a certain extent,hollister france officiel, can be counted as a virtual girlfriend catharsis channels, but users should grasp the degree, addicted which harm than good. Wu explained that specific spatial virtual girlfriend happens is virtual,barbour soldes, but also a prerequisite paid, in other words, the relationship and friendship in real life is completely different, “she said because the charges, so she will be completely Standing on your position, agree with you, you complain that you learn to accept the pain, she would say: ‘yes, yes, yes’; you complain about poor leadership, she probably would cater to say:’ Yes,abercrombie, really bad leadership ! ‘”But in real life, true friends are not possible because of the different personal perspectives,outlet moncler, personality, look at the issue, there will always do things different,hollister abercrombie, which is why the” virtual girlfriend “popular cause – real women Friends can not be completely on your obedience.But this is not an emotional exchange “real” emotional exchanges,doudoune moncler pas cher, Wu warned, as a virtual girlfriend, all customers are the same, “You’re just my job object in the scope of work, and I certainly would agree with you,chaussures louboutin pas cher, “but out of the virtual space that’s another matter. “It’s like dreaming in general.