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and their income increases,hogan sito ufficiale, both pulling and stimulate domestic demand, but also to improve the living standards of their families, has multiple purposes.In addition, we have to change some concepts of education, such as “excellent learning Shi”, “the university,abercrombie pas cher, light technical school,” and so on. States also should increase the skills of migrant workers training, because 70% of them either did not participate in agricultural technology training did not participate in non-agricultural vocational skills training, only to increase skills in order to effectively improve the age and income growth is inversely proportional relationship . At the same time,cheap louboutins shoes, we also call for migrant workers to strengthen labor protection and improve working conditions, whether it is signed labor contracts with their employers or institutions, or to pay a variety of social insurance, national authorities should strictly enforce the law to ensure that migrant workers and college students enjoy equal employment rights.”Young man.

basically up to four or five percent of monthly income, from this perspective, benefits and direct income college students to enjoy after conversion into cash is about three percent higher than the migrant workers.Third,doudoune moncler pas cher, even if a slight gap between the current amount in income, their future prospects are quite different. Because migrant workers are mainly engaged in manual labor, mostly engaged in manufacturing and construction,hollister soldes, mainly eat young rice. Survey shows that 40 years of age is declining proportion of migrant workers, their physical decline with age and after fewer jobs, incomes will fall. Work for the individual farmer is still very limited upside, usually older, unable to find work when you return home, will be drastically reduced income. However, college students can usually get a stable,hogan, long-term jobs,parajumpers paris, and with age, their experience and ability will help to continue to improve revenue, increased space and personal development opportunities will be much higher than the migrant workers.Therefore, there is no need to tangle on the social differences between two sets of data on the aforementioned surface, on the contrary, we should like to see the income of migrant workers as well as to encourage the accelerated promotion,parajumpers pas cher, salary of more than college students do. Because to a certain extent, the farmers who work for manual labor representatives, to increase their income helps to eliminate differences in brain body of labor, which is more in line with social justice. In European and American countries, except for some high-paying industries absolute income gap with mental manual workers is not large,parajumpers paris, even better manual workers labor and social security conditions. Meanwhile, migrant workers is the main consumer groups in society.

you are what flight ah?””I also told you a flight. I lost money, you help me, my family in a hurry, please lend me a few hundred pieces?”Formal dress, face kind,cheap christian louboutin shoes, earnest conversation,moncler sito ufficiale, encounter such a person to you for help, you may be hard to refuse … two women and a man suspected of cheating small groups lied classmate boarding passengers at Shenzhen airport terminal to borrow money for emergencies grounds, specifically on the kind of passengers to start, each 200-300 per month, a number of passengers in the move. Yesterday,barbour paris, the Southern Reporter unannounced visits to the evidence, and the police will arrest two suspects. In fact, such a novel way of fraud has appeared in a foreign country, the police appealed to the public deception timely warning and actively cooperate with the investigation.Within 20 minutes of the two deceived6:20 yesterday morning, half an hour at dawn, Shenzhen Baoan Airport welcomed the first day of the passengers. Southern reporter rushed to the airport terminal, this time not much traffic, security personnel mainly in the security area. Walking through the crowd.

but the increase has doubled in three years about.Even relatively inconsistently connotation,tn air max 2014 pas cher, three years later, this group of university graduates will be much higher than the income of the income of migrant workers, and this trend is relatively stable. If you break the age limit, the employment of college graduates in the population of people included in the statistics,cheap christian louboutin, then the income gap would be even higher. From this point of view, does not exist migrant workers earning more than the income status of college students.Secondly, if adopt the same standards are in the starting salary for the first time when the count of employment, and salary of migrant workers in accordance with the average income (usually be lower), then the upper surface and College Students starting salary difference of about ten percent . However, behind the gold content of both income and benefits as vastly different, since the signing of migrant workers out of employment with the employer or the unit for less than half of the labor contract, especially migrant workers concentrated in the construction industry, three-quarters of migrant workers did not sign labor contract,tn soldes, and the proportion of the labor contract, let alone pay no proportion of social insurance, even signed a contract,nike tn, the employer or the unit to pay all kinds of social insurance for migrant workers, but one or two percent.Compared to graduates relative to regular employment, labor contracts and pay social insurance than the high proportion of migrant workers more, which means that the welfare differences. In Shanghai, for example,scarpe hogan, employers pay for their employees or units of pensions, health insurance,tn requin, unemployment insurance, the proportion of the total housing fund amounted to 43% of monthly income of employees. The proportion was much the same in other places.