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the family’s only source of income is the grandmother of 20 yuan per month subsistence allowances and felsic 60 yuan monthly subsidy orphans. Neighbors could not stand, and will send some potato to both Po Sun, in a bad harvest,hollister abercrombie, when food shortages neighbors,red bottom boots, often eating on Dayton.Small felsic finished at the foot spa small study, eight hours round trip to go mountain,nike tn pas cher, came home only on weekends. Grandma usually one at home,nike tn, and sometimes one day to eat one or two potatoes. Every time it comes to small felsic grandmother could not help but cry, she said: “? If one day I go, how do ah small felsic”In order to make sensible granddaughter wanted only the desire to wear a new pair of shoes, a grandmother live frugally to save 10 dollars. “This is the day the grandmother got up early,louboutins, because she knows older,air max pas cher pour femme, walking slowly. Go to town to buy shoes to go more than 30 km mountain. Hands tightly clutched grandmother bought half boots. This is a small felsic 5 After the age of the first time a pair of his shoes. previously been picked neighbors or older students can not wear shoes to wear. “The net posts rapidly caused a sensation on the Internet.

many users visibly moved.Improving the lives of grandparents and grandchildrenIn order to understand the relevant circumstances,chaussure louboutin homme, Xinhua News Agency,chaussure air jordan pas cher, “China is” the reporter went to Ninglang Yi Autonomous County Yongning Township spa village visit grandma and small felsic. In the peer-end small spa principal translation grandmother told reporters listen to their story: small felsic five years old his father died of illness,charms pandora, his mother remarried soon after, from Zusun Liang on each other. Small felsic now grown up,hollister italia, but my grandmother is coming 74 years old.”I’m older.

there is always a day away, the future hope of small felsic can learn from it,hollister magasin, take care of yourself, but also want to have a good-hearted people to adopt her.” Here,tn, the grandmother cried.”Network in China,christian louboutin,” Reporters in Yongning township government guaranteeing access to information tables learned from the grandmother in 2007 the first batch of Yongning Township enjoy the minimal needs.

Xiang Xiang is now wearing a mask, often around the children started crying, in addition to his brother,louboutin femme, few people are willing to play with him.According to Xinhua NeCase Recently, one called “73-year-old grandmother 20 yuan monthly subsistence starving orphans granddaughter hope well-intentioned people to adopt a pair of shoes,” the net posts aroused strong repercussions,hollister homme, many users visibly moved, eager to understand Zusun Liang .Xinhua News Agency, “China is” reporters from Kunming trek of eight hours arrived in Yunnan Province Ninglang Yongning Township Hot Springs Village, where Zusun Liang, saw the poor grandmother Qiu Jie works Qiuzhang Ying and her granddaughter hardy.Grandma with 20 yuan guaranteeing parenting granddaughterApril 14, appeared on sites like Mop,pandora bijoux, “73-year-old grandmother 20 yuan monthly subsistence starving orphans granddaughter hope well-intentioned people to adopt a pair of shoes,” the net posts, about the place in remote impoverished Yunnan Province Ninglang Yongning Hot Springs Village,giubbotti peuterey, Township touching story of a pair of great-grandfatherThis year 14-year-old girl Qiuzhang Ying Yi 5 years old when his father let go away because of a disease. Younger felsic mom living in poverty can not afford, leaving felsic and elderly grandmother marrying foreign land,barbour paris, has never heard. From small felsic brought up by her grandmother.


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