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protesters gathered in front of the Japanese Embassy,hollister abercrombie pas cher, � olding banners, singing the national anthem, chanted “Down with Japanese imperialism!” “Boycott!” And other slogans.”Peace,” the truth Japanese government”Stable development of Sino-Japanese relations should not be hindered Diaoyu Island incident, I would like to ask China to remain calm and to take appropriate action.” 13, Japanese Foreign Minister Koichiro Genba speech in Tokyo.

China to put pressure on the Japanese multi-“Quite urgent,christian louboutin, you may also be more urgent.” 13 Japanese Vice Foreign Minister Tsuyoshi Yamaguchi reviewed the country’s relationship is so current and China. He said the dialogue should allow diplomats, soldiers do not appear.”Chinese singer Sun Nan canceled concert in Japan,moncler pas cher,” the news headlines on the 13th became Japan’s Kyodo News website. Kyodo News said,hogan uomo, “This may be one of China’s countermeasures against the Japanese government will take the nationalization of the Diaoyu Islands.” “Asahi Shimbun” on the 13th, said the effect of the Diaoyu Islands dispute is increasingly being felt outside official circles. Chinese command some exchange groups and tourists to cancel or postpone Japan, the Japanese in China is said to be Beijing’s angry rhetoric, get frustrated, fearing reprisals. 12, China asked Japan to a cross-party group of MPs to cancel plans to visit China, sources said,louboutin, the Chinese side said,hogan rebel, “unlikely to welcome this delegation in a friendly atmosphere.” At the same time,louboutin chaussures, Japanese singer Shinji Tanimura performance in China on September 25 was postponed. Reported that the Japanese delegation’s visit to China have canceled plans,christian louboutin soldes, a Chinese official said, “Considering the friendship between the two countries has collapsed,woolrich, we must reconsider the premise of this exchange.”Reuters said Chinese Vice Minister of Commerce Jiang Zengwei 13th that Japan’s purchase of the so-called island, it is difficult to avoid the wrong economic and trade relations have a negative impact. British “Daily Telegraph” on the 13th, said China and Japan launched the economic weapon,piumini moncler, there is a certain amount of this threat: China is Japan’s largest trading partner in 2011, bilateral trade volume reached 215 billion pounds. Focus on energy, international independent news website petrochemical,air max femme pas cher, metal trade platts13 reported that a Japanese metals trader claiming a case of 100 kilograms of germanium ingot trading on the 13th failed clearance in Tianjin.

Chinese authorities did not grant an export license. At the same time, a Tokyo trading company urged Chinese exporters of iron ore in advance of delivery, as customers are concerned about the company’s political tensions could lead to ban Chinese exports to Japan.Singapore’s “Lianhe Zaobao” on the 13th, said China has begun to put pressure on Japan, Sino-Japanese relations quickly dropped to the freezing point of normalization of diplomatic ties 40 years. Following the Chinese leaders, the NPC,abercrombie, CPPCC National Committee, the Department of Defense published intensive talks tough against Japan, the PLA Nanjing, Jinan,abercrombie france, Guangzhou Military Region recently beachhead landing exercises frequently, Navy, Air Force,scarpe hogan, Second Artillery also frequently held live ammunition exercises. Chinese military experts say, this is a warning to Japan,abercrombie and fitch paris, China is not afraid of a showdown, not empty words. Reported that the Sino-Japanese economic and trade lethal confrontation between both parties,doudoune moncler, but China is much higher than the capacity of Japan,basket zanotti, the Japanese economy obvious weakness. Once China started economic sanctions, the economic crisis may lead to Japan.”Chinese people show more anger,chaussure louboutin pas cher, the Internet, the blog and forums filled with a variety of voices in protest.” “Los Angeles Times” on the 13th, wrote an angry Chinese man allegedly burned his Honda Civic car, before burning car has a slogan: Do not forget national humiliation. Reuters said on Thursday in Beijing.