hollister but to the local police9 o’clock that night

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his family also stood not know what to do. Medical staff came to help women be treated. As the baby will fall into the deep pool, on-site personnel can not do anything, but to the local police.9 o’clock that night,barbour paris, after firefighters arrived at the scene and found the baby to fall within the toilet drain. First let a skinny commander firefighter attempts kids pulled directly by hand,christian louboutin paris, helpless child in the sewer location too, can not touch the child, but also to try to rescue with a special soft hook provided by hospitals,abercrombie and fitch, found that children stepwise drop site, the child, slippery,barbour france, and can not be rescued children, rescue temporary impasse.At this point,louboutin soldes, the child’s crying increasingly loud,christian louboutin shoes, heart-site staff are pulling together. After the site survey, found that children drop site sewer storage pool still some distance away, the commander decided to solidification of the storage pool top drill drill, hammer ax and then open a small mouth. Subsequently, the firefighters will probe the upper body into the bathroom, despite the stench, the baby crying more than rescued.[Lucky]Now everything is normal infantsThe medical staff at the side waiting for a long time despite the stench.

the children took place began emergency rescue. End to the water side of the nurses, cleaning babies dirt. After a simple examination, normal infant health,woolrich milano, is a baby boy. Etc. This put the crowd at the side of the heart,parajumpers paris, spontaneously applauded. “Baby born in the bathroom,giubbotto woolrich, and in the storm sewer for so long, even without incident survived.

hurried with his family came to the county MCH interest. “Light busy formalities,giubbotti moncler, she did not notice.” Said the woman’s family. While finishing his family prepare to send their admission formalities to be produced, the woman was missing.Finally,hollister pas cher, the woman’s family in the hospital bathroom to find her. “Once inside, I saw the daughter, daughter found out a lot of blood will pool heard baby cries, a look at the toilet, you can faintly see a baby.” Women’s mother is still in shock.I heard someone calling for help,christian louboutin, the doctor ran into the bathroom nearby, found the woman in the bathroom even the child born out of the people present were surprised. Doctors immediately contact the relevant department of women and infants rescue.[Rescue]Then remove and newborn children poolWomen involved in this happening is very frightened.

he offered to surrender the knife, you can see it better penitential attitude, can be considered as an extenuating circumstance for sentencing discretion. The court held that, in order to achieve the SUN Rong Liu Yu restore a relationship of purpose, without the consent of others forcibly entered the house holding a machete, his behavior constituted the crime of illegal intrusion into residential,hollister italia, are full decade younger than the age of 16 when their crimes in view eight years old,jordan pas cher, and has obvious expression of penitence, got SUN Rong understanding leniently sentenced him to prison for six months on the 15th. (Paper party is a pseudonym)Gao Yan CorrespondentYangzi Evening News reporter Luo Shuangjiang(Original title: night raid former girlfriend’s house with a knife to be “Firefighters have rescued a baby pool holes, currently the vital signs were normal baby � chief reporter correspondent Shao Weiwen what is the right figureRead tipsJuly 29 at 9 am, a maternal interest in the county to be produced during the MCH, gave birth to a baby when the toilet, newborn children have fallen into the toilet drain. Since the fall too deep,christian louboutin men, field medical staff can not do anything, was made to the police. Firefighters will pool in burrows, the crying baby rescued. Currently, the baby was placed in a hospital incubator, everything is normal.[Accident]Gave birth to a baby in the bathroom”This is in the bathroom, the woman gave birth to a baby.” Xixian MCH nurse said, pointing to the bathroom next to the woman. Under the guidance of a female employee, the reporter entered the bathroom, the floor of the blood has been cleaned.According to reports,cheap christian louboutin shoes, the woman who lives in the interest parties rural county, 26-year-old, her husband in the field workers. After the woman pregnant, he lived with her mother and father. The evening of July 29,nike air max, the woman is more than pain.