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where I had bought drugs in their drugs, I told the girl together before, and now I run out, drug traffickers have four or five cars, license plate did not see . “Alarm, 110 police immediately rushed to the scene. Zhang said the police officer, the woman opened the door was a more than 20-year-old. But after police found the house door but did not have any traces of kidnapping or fighting. The woman said nothing, and looked in a trance. Police asked whether it was drugs, the woman hesitantly said no.”At this point, a man came in the door, walking beat Akira, talking incoherently, facing the girl kept saying: ‘I was wrong, I’m all right’ kind of thing,” Zhang said police followed the man to admit reported that he called the police. Then the two men back to the police station the police investigation.In the police station, the police on two urine test, the results were positive, just to prove the two taking the drug. Police also searched the residence for two people, police collected a curling homemade methamphetamine.Under questioning, the man Lee said in March he started taking drugs. Zhang He and the woman involved is the relationship between male and female friends. Because several days taking drugs, hallucinations, he said there was kidnapped Zhang alarm. Eventually, the two men were detained by the police because of drug addiction.Column Manpower / Palace Owen / reporter Zhang Lei(Original title: 110 pick clues from two months to break narcAccording to Xinhua, Guangzhou August 22 Reuters (a bamboo hair, Han Jing) in Guangzhou a girl in a university dormitory secretly gave birth to a baby girl after the death of its abandonment.

after entering the lock with wire Shaoxing South Street home in small-Ho, Ho’s in a small mug into tranquilizers, carrying the tools of crime He’s hiding in a small bed.That night, after a small home where, at 23 o’clock in the life of a knife was found hiding in their bed, then called the parents and the police. See a life to be found, is about to throw in the hands of a knife after the climb out from under the bed, and what parents and little confrontation until police officers arrived at the scene.No light is eligible lenient consequences shotShaoxing City People’s Court that the behavior of a life constituted intentional homicide. Its behavior should be recognized as a crime preparatory may, in comparison completed the crime mitigated punishment. Life has not been implemented because of a life-pose a real danger to Hemou poke, stab, knock, smashing and other acts.

the Guangzhou Intermediate People’s Court recently intentional homicide, YuanMou girls sentenced to three years imprisonment, suspended for five years.Court found, May 11, 2013, 18-year-old freshman girls in college dorm YuanMou natural birth to a baby girl. Then, with a T-shirt wrapped YuanMou baby neck, causing infant mortality and infant dispose of garbage outside the car under the bridge. After a garbage man found and the police. The forensic identification, infants born to live, death tie neck compression caused by mechanical asphyxia death.

and therefore should not be characterized as a behavioral life has begun implementation of intentional homicide.Department of emotional conflicts caused by the case, family members are also in the life of a phone call before the incident Hemou families, avoiding certain behaviors life lead to serious consequences, the discretion of the life of a lighter punishment. Court then sentenced to life in prison for a year.(HONGKONG)(Original title: PhD want revenge killings jailed forLegal Evening News (Reporter Zhang Lei) today is the “International Day Against Drug Abuse,” the reporter was informed today, April 21, the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau Narcotics Corps service headquarters and the establishment of a “110 drug-related police intelligence linkage mechanism,” two months provide clues through 110, the police cracked 82 drug-related cases, arrested 107 people.Linkage narcotics Together with the Narcotics Corps Two months arrested 107 suspectsIn order to further the fight against drug-related crimes,hollister carugate, drug absorption maximum squeeze space, April 21 this year, the Council service headquarters and Narcotics Corps established a “110 drug-related police intelligence linkage mechanism.”After linkage, 110 reported drug-related desk docking alarm, in addition to the work carried out by the various territorial combat points (county) office, but also the first time will be briefing the Council Narcotics Corps.Narcotics Corps has stepped up anti-narcotics department sub-counties overall coordination and supervision of clues, but also regular feedback to solve the case 110 Desk strive found severely dealt with.Two-month period, a total of 82 cases of drug-related crimes uncovered, arrested drug crimes suspects 107.Alarm story hit 110 drug hallucinations man said his girlfriend was kidnapped”Hey, 110 what? A girl may be under house arrest drug traffickers.” One evening in early April of this year, 110 men received a warning desk.Phone man said: “There has always followed me to help drug traffickers in the afternoon.



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