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rejected Muhammad,hollister clearance, then they divorced. And now the second term and the third wife is free love marriage. Mohammed,hollister uk sale, a total of 71 children and grandchildren.Abu Mohammed said he was still looking for fourth wife,basket louboutin femme, and now both my wife like a car is already old this time.In addition to the financial resources of this factor,hollister clearance, some Palestinians wife is out of “moral.”I had an interview with an entrepreneur in the city of Hebron, and his second wife is a lover of the martyrs who died in the struggle against Israel, but also with three children. He said her marriage is a moral and caring,moncler pas cher, otherwise her life will face difficulties, which is to serve the national cause. It is like here are keen to marry the same girl from the release of prisoners in Israeli jails. The entrepreneur this either “married” his wife has not only discrimination.

they love with the sister.In Gaza, I do see the two rooms had a wife started laughing and holding hands from a yard out. Another time to see the men who marry marry second video room when his wife, his first wife,hollister sale, makeup, singing and dancing, as if marriage is not her husband.But I asked the name of his wife.

due to become older woman left, the wife suggested that he would marry the woman to go home, the teacher with the ratio Age is also a big first wife met side after the woman agreed.There is no preference?These will generally polygamous family housing allocation neighbors wife,air max femme, a wife, a family room, a floor or a person, but life is not too well-off to live with his wife of two rooms, each with a different bedroom.Islam allows polygamy has a premise – must be treated the same for each wife. Such as to give them the same housing, the same furniture, and even buy clothes, but also one piece. The most important is that intercourse should be fair. I was in a village near Ramallah interview, the host said he two rooms in this regard is very fair wife are one person for one night,nike air max 1, no one no more, no less.As more than one wife, there is no preference? Palestinian men do not like to answer this question, often said: absolutely equal treatment.That his wife does not usually have between bumps? Or envy each other? Generally they will say: There is no problem.

Scientists say the Fengyun brain will help researchers find the cause of modern brain disease.(Original title: Turkey discovery of the oldest human brain more than 4,000 years of history Palestinian polygamous familyA family of teachers in Hebron,moncler, the man of the house of the wife of the second room was originally the wife of a good friend, and later became the older woman left, the wife suggested that he would go home to marry the woman, with the man of the house is larger than Age is also a big woman wife met side after agreed.Lvying XuAccording to Islamic rules, under his wife was very ill or do not have the reproductive ability of the case, the husband can marry more than one wife, but at the same time to a maximum of four wives. Thus,piumini peuterey, in the majority Muslim population of Palestine, polygamy still uncommon phenomenon.Polygamy, not only because of the moneyIn the two years of the Palestinian work.

I have visited more than occasional or polygamous family, found a law wife of a man to marry more rooms are generally more affluent. Palestinian proverb: money man,giubbotti moncler, or cover at the house, or his wife to marry room.Home in rural northern West Bank Bazaar lats is my friend, her father had two rooms wife. Her father’s business, including contracted land, planting strawberries, operating farm machinery shop,magasin hollister, the monthly income of $ 4,000 (about 24,000 yuan) or so, are the higher income earners. Bazaar lats is the wife of a child, two children have been the wife of 5 years old. But the 54-year-old father has decided to re-stamped with a layer of a house, a house wife Zainal. New wife already looking good,air max, is the provincial capital near the girl, 28-year-old.And living in the countryside near Ramallah,moncler piumini, Abu Mohammed,giuseppe zanotti pas cher, 61 years old this year, a fortune by running transport. He had three wives, first wife introduced to the family. Married wife insisted on working out.

but love me.And while some people have more than one wife is out accidentally. A Gaza construction workers living in poverty, but he has a wife and two rooms. After the engagement and first wife, since the two families because no bride price negotiated conflict, he went to marry a second wife,nike air, after the results of later conflicts,chaussure louboutin, engaged to marry a wife can only enter the house, so his wife had two rooms. While living in poverty, but he tried his best to provide the best possible life for them.Palestinian man’s second wife and some room to be introduced, some of your own,nike france, there’s actually his first wife to help him find.A family of teachers in Hebron, the man of the house of the wife of the second room was originally the wife of a good friend.