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went to the location of their relatives in Shenzhen,tiffany, Zengmou that did not occur. “If this meeting is also about the words in Shenzhen, Zengmou probably afraid to come out.””Shangguan Zai Zai” told reporters that he propaganda “clear network operations” in the micro-Bo, and try to persuade the fugitives to surrender. More than 20 days ago,tiffany collane, there was a concern of his friends, to his microblogging @ Shangguan justice – straight up, made a private letter, asking the national policy on issues such fugitives. Then, after a while, the friends said his side have a friend fugitives.”I told him if you take the initiative to give themselves up, you can under the premise of the law, given the opportunity to be dealt with leniently,” and “Shang Zai Zai” said.Meet the first meeting was not successful”Three days ago, the friends contacted me,abercrombie soldes france, I hope I helped a friend persuaded him to surrender, we have agreed on the location in Shenzhen, the pleasure of seeing the relatives of the fugitives, hoping to dispel their concerns,abercrombie & fitch, so that together promote the fugitives out . “” Shangguan Zai Zai “recalls.December 11,doudoune moncler pas cher, “Shangguan Zai Zai” came to Shenzhen. According to the disclosure, the families of the fugitives for “clear network operations”, the fugitives surrendered to get lenient treatment which is not yet understood. After the “Shangguan Zai Zai” Introduction and advice,doudoune moncler homme, families fugitives finally dispel the concerns, and successfully persuaded the fugitives. Night, 21:03,hogan outlet, @ Shangguan Justice – Vic issue microblogging: “Communication day.

said to have been put together.” “Shangguan Zai Zai” said.11 o’clock yesterday morning, Zengmou finally came to Guangzhou. After that meeting, the first sentence is Zengmou: “I’m sorry society, I’m sorry the family, I would like to surrender the …” “Shangguan Zai Zai”,parajumpers, who accompanied Zengmou Haizhu District of Guangzhou City Public Security Bureau went to Chigang police station. 11:40 Xu,scarpe hogan outlet, police confirmed, Zengmou into the detention center.”Shangguan Zai Zai” Calls prodigal son back early16:47, @ Shangguan justice – straight up again issued a microblogging: “A few days of labor and forth, patience finally did in vain to persuade him to surrender the first 33; hope that the law can give him clemency, social inclusion forgive him again.! chance in life! I hope out of the prodigal son, back to the early Qing network operations last two days of the time, is to grasp their own life! “Also in yesterday, Hunan Taojiang membership,abercrombie et fitch, 24-year-old suspect is also high of a night, accompanied by his family came home from Hunan, Guangzhou, Haizhu police to surrender. High one on December 28,hollister soldes, 2006 after the Haizhu Okimura robbery fled.

the first 33,giuseppe zanotti basket, and ultimately back to the starting point .21 convince ear, the day after surrender.”Zengmou say fled to scrape together 200,000 yuanOriginally,hollister france pas cher, fugitives called Zengmou is Cantonese,outlet hogan, previously suspected of involvement in fraud in Henan Province. Fraud gang total income of more than 200 million fraud, Zengmou share of more than 20 million. After the incident,hollister, Zengmou flight, afraid to go home. According Zengmou friend revealed Zengmou say that this fugitive life has let his spirit on the verge of collapse, and Zengmou sick, because fleeing and getting worse. Zengmou once told his friend just wanted to cobble together their own escape 20 million,basket nike tn pas cher, to the government,sweat hollister pas cher, in order to obtain leniency. “In order to help Zengmou Minato 20 million home Zengmou borrowed a lot of money.

” Well-known anti-trafficking volunteers “Shangguan Zai Zai” In an interview with the South When the Daily News reporter, said. Yesterday, he successfully persuaded Shenzhen nationals suspects surrendered to Zengmou Haizhu District, Guangzhou Chigang police station.Haizhu District of Guangzhou Public Security Bureau, according to reports, 49-year-old Zengmou, by the beginning of the investigation on suspicion of fraud, police in Henan Province in July this year, online pursuit.Fugitives through the microblogging helpYesterday morning, “Shangguan Zai Zai” 10 o’clock appointment will be in place waiting for the arrival Zengmou. At this point, the microblogging first appeared to persuade suspects to turn themselves in the post, then drew the attention of visitors.”Shangguan Zai Zai” told the Nanfang Daily reporter, he was at the invitation of Zengmou relatives.