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sing the Olympics,hollister felpe, the ancient capital of the new rhyme sing.Young people are the hope of the nation, is the future of the world,gioielli tiffany, “the dream of youth, the future projection is real.” As a new event organized by the International Olympic Committee,barbour pas cher, the main competition for the YOG 15-18 year-old youth athletes. Nanjing Youth Olympic Games will not only set up 28 sports,hogan, also designed a variety of educational and cultural activities to encourage the active participation of athletes, in a warm and friendly atmosphere to experience and share diverse cultures around the world.

deepen mutual understanding and integration.Olympic history, leaving countless captivating moments. The pursuit of spiritual and double robust physique, is more meaningful than the gold medal target. From the field to the Youth Olympic Village, from the opponent to volunteer, happiness only comes from winning the game,moncler pas cher, but also from the colorful life and communicate with each other. By YOG competition in the form of diverse and pluralistic exchange of atmosphere,hogan scarpe, the Olympic movement,magasin hollister, “excellence, friendship and respect” values � own in the hearts of young people,hogan olympia uomo, promote a lifetime of life philosophy and way of life in adolescents.

the Olympic Movement future,outlet moncler, life will be richer.For young people, based on youth. To organize the tournament, tournament facilities, voluntary participation and urban environment as a pillar of the Youth Olympic Games in Nanjing provides a unique arena for different colors, different races, different cultures of young athletes. Open tournament and segmentation city, the players and the audience, to promote dialogue among civilizations, learn spiritual growth nutrients, YOG concentrated world,hogan outlet, but also to explore new template for the sustainable development of pluralistic world.China is a staunch supporter of the Olympic Movement and the practitioner. Entering the new century, China successfully hosted the 2008 Beijing Olympics and Paralympics. Today,woolrich parka uomo, the upcoming Youth Olympic torch lit in Nanjing, the world will once again witness the ancient oriental open,moncler outlet online, inclusive,hollister pas chere, dynamic,barbour catalogue, innovative. Meanwhile,woolrich italia, Beijing also actively bid for the 2022 Winter Olympics. A handshake Olympic and Chinese civilization, the intersection of a unique look, both sides gain a unique value of the momentum.February 2010, the IOC decided to 122nd Plenary Second Summer Youth Olympic Games host city of Nanjing granted. 4 years.

Nanjing, hard work, thrift,woolrich online, honesty and attitude, and promote the Youth Olympic preparatory work in an orderly manner,scarpe hogan, the ever-changing urban landscape,magasin abercrombie france, volunteerism flourish, continuous improvement and development of urban modernization humane quality of pavilions, ancient capital bursting out flying vigorous youth look. Share youth, Build the future, Nanjing Youth Olympic Games will surely write down carefully written chapter in the history of the Olympics.”Life has given us a great gift and unlimited noble, it is the youth.” Nanjing open arms to welcome young athletes from around the world. Positive youth sailing boat, future waterway stretching from the front, I wish the whole world of young athletes in Nanjing spend your life in an unforgettable period of time.