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but also still a lot of people can not abide,hollister felpe, it is worthy of reflection? City birth “whistle man” such a figure is definitely not normal. A mentally disabled people simply use their own behavior to ripple the calm of the city,doudoune moncler femme, blowing endless ripples.User stingy Lion: “whistle man” in this flow of traffic,orecchini tiffany, sometimes some unscrupulous drivers ignore him, even if there are still rushing pupils to cross the road. In contrast, the true sense of speechless.User andy0565: the top one,hollister outlet, strong support. My kids go to school out there every day, you can see where he was directing traffic. Thanks to him, it is tough!User not bad: whistle brother command was a kind of mold, and the Police Association seems to be just standing there, such as work, there is no red light, he rarely manage. This community, serving the people seem to have become a fool would do.User hyh705: This man is what I long to be sent to the West up,nike air max 1, go to work every day passing, and saw him there and then traveled to and from the primary block passing vehicles, I have a sense of moving. In appearance, he thought it should be disabled, but he had a beautiful soul.Reporters visitedPolice came he pulled away automaticallyHuizhou people claiming weekdays by scavengers15:00 yesterday.

Katherine source Wu said at the school gate to see the car early, going to look at the car on the road in front. But come to the school gate, a vehicle parked cars to see the sidewalk, “whistle man” appeared very upset, “Well here are not allowed to stop, and stop here.” Because sometimes not seen the driver, “Whistle Brother “can only continue to move forward,” patrol “,moncler doudoune,” I see every day in this car, they go to school, after school, I have to. “Asked by school bullying,giuseppe zanotti pas cher, teasing thing, Wu Siu source did not say, look a bit helpless .Yesterday 17:00, fifteen small door to pick up their kids from school parents more up, “whistle brother” is also busy,outlet moncler, as long as a parent to see the electric car parked on the zebra crossing, he immediately approached negotiations, “Some Parents listen to him, and some do not listen to him. “Parents Wang told reporters.17:10 or so, students have completed their opening up more,giuseppe zanotti, “whistle man” chest whistle came in handy, he went middle of the road, meticulously command from passing vehicles and preparing students to cross the road. Ten minutes later,abercrombie, a traffic police rushed to the school gate and began directing traffic from “whistle man” Wu Siu source automatically pushed aside and became a police assistant.

the reporter went to the corner under the city of Huizhou City Road fifteenth primary entrance, because it neither sees “whistle brother” figure,hogan scarpe uomo, they would inquire from the people around him, many people have seen him on his approach commended.”That his conduct was good,chaussures louboutin soldes, but there are very sensible individual students, but also to make fun of him, beat him, calling him a neuropathy.” Ms. Mak Valley bakery work was introduced. “Anyway, he was picking up trash, we sometimes have cardboard gave him.” It is close to a lingerie shop owner Ms Ho said, “whistle man” look silly,barbour paris, “normal people no one to command, He’s such a good practice. “Spend four yuan for a mealIn the opposite Lili fifteenth primary snack shop owner Mr. Chen said, “whistle man” is his regulars. To speak of the devil! 16:10 or so, “whistle man” appeared in the store, ordered a bowl of plain rice, a pig, a total of four dollars.”Eat this as long as four, and sometimes do not eat pig on two,hollister abercrombie, if eating vegetables, adds up to 6 dollars, too expensive!” First paid and then sit down “whistle man” dark skin on his neck hung a yellow whistle. He picked up the pen,hogan outlet, the reporter’s notebook and wrote his own name.Whistle brother called Wu Siu source, he claimed to be Huizhou,bracciale tiffany, 21 years old, fifteen small house near the lower corner of the middle. During the conversation, and Katherine source martial found him articulate not very clear, he said reporters could only understand half,tiffany collane, one would say in Jiangbei help themselves before sweeping, one would say in the vicinity of a factory had classes. However, according to the person around, Katherine source Wu Siwei little obstacle, usually by picking up garbage is selling money.According to Katherine source Wu said his mother had gone home and father. “Out of work, and now no one at home, you want to come back late.” Katherine source Wu put his command vehicle behavior called to see the car, “I’m here to see the car,abercrombie paris, sometimes to the West Lake, Huizhou Bridge to look at cars.”See lane and parking on the restlessAfter dinner before 4:30.