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and the micro-plastic made to change can be restored. “According to Dr. Fu Guoyou introduced micro-plastic trauma is very small, just a week can be restored. When that happens, the newspaper will follow-up reports,hollister femme, see the postoperative Jiaming “hosting the Games.” (Reporter Tao Bin / reporting fieldAfter calling off the Chongqing Daily News after a young woman got into a taxi, take the initiative to actually bag, and handed the phone’s brother. Suspiciously, he looked back and was shocked: the girls actually swallowed a bottle of sleeping pills … This is the Editor? It turned out the woman and her boyfriend after a fight, I feel alive boring, he was ready to give the belongings of Columbia.

just kept shouting stop, mood is very excited.Danger: girl swallowed a whole bottle of sleeping pillsHelpless, Mr. Wang had to slowly pull over the car, ready to bag, cell phone and other items handed back to the girl. But when he looked back, the scene in front of shocked: I saw the hands of a girl holding empty white bottle, mouth distended bulging, are chewing tablets. Poured into his mouth as a result of too many pills, some pills from the girl fell out of his mouth.”How can this medicine ah? This girl is not trying to commit suicide yo?” The king of the master mind of a tight, no time to think, and quickly call girls “do not eat, and quickly spit it out.” But it was too late, the girls have bottle of medicine and swallowed. A closer look at the hands of the king master girl bottle, found her was actually just swallowed sleeping pills.First Aid: police send girls to the hospital”She is going to commit suicide swallowing, which can how do ah?” Master Wang found that girls have some vague sense of weakness leaning on the seat.”Meier, MO sleep yo, yo do they fall asleep!” Master Wang not neglect,air max pas cher, quickly drove the girl came with Wanzhou District Public Security Bureau Patrol Battalion Kitayama.

and then swallow sleeping pills to end their lives. Yesterday, reporters from Wanzhou District Patrol Detachment learned, thanks to the brother and Patrol promptly after the woman to the hospital, to get her out of danger. Currently,tn nike pas cher, Yang has been discharged.Strange: Women will send money and goods of ColumbiaAugust 15 evening around 8:00, Mr. Wang’s brother while driving through the Wanzhou District Peace Plaza,christian louboutin paris, a 20-year-old young girl waving hailed.”Master,air max pas cher pour femme, I went to southern New.” Lakaijumen girl, sat in the back seat. Master Wang found through the rearview mirror, the girls look a little wrong,barbour paris, it is depressed.”Meier, you go to southern New play it?” Master Wang initiative open to talking, and chatting up girls.”Ah.” Girl seems to want to talk less, look out the window, looking dejected.”Master, parking,nike air max pas cher, these things give you, I want to get off!” A few minutes later, when the taxi driving to the Yangtze River Bridge, the girl suddenly from behind his bag, mobile phone and other belongings and handed Wang, hurried call to stop.”No to southern New yo? Meier,tn, you put these things to me Zuosha Zi?” Master Wang is get confused. Girl but what is not said.

Patrol duty to help. At this time, the girl has been in a coma,christian louboutin soldes, despite cries Patrol and Master Wang also no response.”Quick, take her immediately to the hospital!” Patrol Wangshun Cheng,tn, Li Xuewen girl hold on the police quickly, sounding the siren, the girl sent to the nearest hospital Wanzhou Integrative Medicine. At the hospital, the emergency doctor to the girl to wash the stomach. After the rescue,nike tn, the girl out of danger, and slowly regained consciousness.Doubts: spur quarrel with her boyfriendPatrol girl later told her folks, 25 years old, who lives in Chongqing City. A few days ago,boutique louboutin, she and her boyfriend went to Wanzhou, ready to go to the Small Three Gorges tourism, results from the two had an argument,red bottom heels, she ran out of people to relax a little small. After the Peace Plaza got into a taxi,air max femme pas cher, she grew more and more feel angry, I feel alive,bijou pandora, not much meaning,nike air max 1, after they put personal belongings to the brother,louboutin pas cher, swallowed sleeping pills want to end their lives.Patrol After some persuasion, Xiao Yang, Xiao Yang immediately opened the boyfriend’s phone, but the other has not answered. Subsequently, Xiao Yang Patrol contacted a friend in Wanzhou, Yang’s friend rushed to hospital, the Patrol will inform what has happened to her, I hope you can help each other together to enlighten Xiao Yang,veste barbour homme, and Yang items asked her care.Yesterday, reporters from Wanzhou Integrative Medicine Hospital learned that Yang was discharged on August 17.