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this is just a piece of abstract figure, more accurate maps are expected to draw up a new world in the next year.Currently, this story is “USA Today” “Washington Post”, “Times of India” and other well-known media widely reproduced on foreign networks, Eastern Europe, Turkey and other regional users have to comment on the new order’s “olive Republic “” border area “,” New Ottoman Empire “and other terms, it is called neonatal interested,hollister france, saying,” Under the new framework proposed, the new world order is about to produce. “Interpretation territory”Central State”China is a rising reference to countries near and farOn the “Newsweek” This new map of the world.

China, Taiwan, Hong Kong due to the same cultural, are classified as “central country.” Reported that, although China in the next 10 years are still unable to overtake the United States as the world’s largest economy, but there is no doubt that is increasingly on the rise.Even more interesting is that in the entire outside of China reported on the definition and description of all groups in the country, but also repeatedly referred to China,borse hogan outlet, making China the “radiation” divergence became far and near countries like frame of reference.For example, the article in the introduction of Japan said, “Japan has been replaced by China’s second largest economy status”; in describing India said,barbour pas cher, “and whose family income is only one third of China”; introducing the “Sub-Saharan Africa “When such a description:” rich in natural resources,louboutin pas cher, has attracted the favor of China,barbour, India, North America and other countries funded “…So why the Chinese defined as “central country” and classified as a separate tribe it?In this regard, Joel explained,barbour catalogue, but the reason is called the “central country”, and China’s strong economic growth force, closely related to the increasingly strong comprehensive national strength and influence in the world.Joel wrote in 1992,abercrombie and fitch milano, “the rise of the two tribes,” a book predicts that: In the near future, China will as dragon-like,hogan outlet online, the rapid rise and take off the east of the world! The American scholar, a prophecy 10 years ago, has now become a reality.Split “Third World”Divided into seven tribes 130 developing countriesAccording to Joel analysis, originally developed by more than 130 developing countries in Asia, Africa,hollister soldes, Latin America and other regions formed the “Third World”.

and now because of the rise of China, India, Brazil and other emerging powers,air max femme pas cher, has also been re-divided into Seven tribes.China has become the “central country”; India, Brazil and independent attitude in Group “independent state” in; Africa, Latin America and the ideological press distinguish different levels of economic development,abercrombie, is divided into “South African Empire,” “Sahara Desert-Saharan Africa “,” zone “,” liberals “and the” Bolivarian Republic. “”North American alliance”Demographic, cultural backgrounds together to create the same “number one power.”Joel said, according to a new division of the way,hogan olympia donna, the original US-led by the major developed countries of Western Europe and North America composed of international organizations for the realization of military blocs and the establishment of defense cooperation – NATO,tn soldes, in the new world map split into “North American alliance”, “New Hanseatic League”,nike air max 1, “olive Republic” and “border area.”He explained that the reason why the United States and Canada, the two countries together, because they are much in common in the economic, demographic and cultural aspects. Joel said that the two countries will jointly build the American continent, “the number one power.”Third of the EUAccording to the economic development and cultural roots regroupEurope also broke the existing framework of the EU, according to the historical and cultural roots and characteristics of economic development of countries, reassembled into three major alliances, were led by Germany’s “new Hanseatic League” to the British-led “border area” and Greece,abercrombie outlet online, Italy, under the leadership of “olive Republic.””New Hanseatic League” in Germany and Denmark, Norway, Sweden and other Nordic countries because of the shared cultural roots of Germanic.

and in terms of economic development,abercrombie france, scientific and technological progress are ranked in the forefront of Europe are classified as one.

ethnic, religious and cultural divides.Joel further explained to reporters that the world is sustained from the ever-changing, based on past history,air max pas cher, national boundaries and political union political delineated, and does not reflect the world’s new pattern formed after years of evolution.For example, he says that after the Cold War,louboutin, the National League in the United States and the Soviet Union had based alliance has lost its meaning; “BRIC” is also due to the four national historical and cultural background of a far cry from the rapid rise of China and India and all the more “farfetched.””So we need to be a more flexible, more timely, more realistic new way, to re-examine, dividing the world.” He said.Joel said.