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Changsha justiciable. From the Ministry of Public Security in the handling of large drug trafficking case, police seized 222.35 kg Ma old (ie drug methamphetamine tablets),hollister france, worth more than 20 million yuan.Loading shipped 22.71 million in cash to buy drugs in YunnanProsecution indictment, during the 2013 Spring Festival,christian louboutin cheap, Hunan Shaoyang by Yang Xin Yang Haibo know fellow, Yang Haibo to propose to 54,hogan sito ufficiale,000 yuan / 6000 Price Buying a large number of drugs Ma old. Yang Haibo return to Xishuangbanna, Yunnan Menghai rock raising their father (Dai) home, negotiate with rocks to provide a stable source of drugs raise. After Lvbao Ming Cheung filled with fellow Xu, Lu Lin school agreed to work together to raise funds to purchase hemp ancient trafficking.February 2013,moncler outlet online, Xu Lu Lin School has invited over peaceful “Arab army” (handled separately), Wu Chunhua, Qiu Zhibin,red bottom shoes, Lvyou Jun,tn, Lvlin Zhe Jiang,louboutin heels, who then co-financed the purchase of new drugs, plus Lvbao Ming own expense 235 million, raising a total cash 22.71 million yuan. They used to hold the egg cartons and bags will be packed into the cash box 9 installed. March 5, Xu Xiang will be 22.71 million full cash transfer to the big truck driving Wu Chunhua, Wu Chunhua, et al that night from Shaoyang County Wufeng Town and East County at the junction,parajumpers homme, driving trucks rushed to Yunnan.Drugs disguised as bananasMarch 7, 2013, Wu Chunhua party arrived Menghai, and 22.71 million in cash raised for the purchase of drugs referred to rock. The next day.

crying issued from time to time, but also kept saying: “Wife,barbour france, we should not go down this road ah.” Understand the specific situation,red bottoms, the fire and rescue personnel divided into two groups, one group use rubber boats and life-saving implementation of floating rope rescue, a group responsible for the trapped psychological counseling conversation. After efforts to rescue the fire brigade, the plunge couple were rescued ashore, they are the ones Zhang Qiqing couples. Zhang’s wife understand because water, health care workers identified by the site, which has no signs of life.After Zhang Qiqing rescued, he did not wait to be examined out of the police station, he incurs Jiange credit union that news reports, Zhang Qiqing then back jiange jiange police investigation, then XingJu.”I’m in jail, a flash of God, that seems to be back on the morning of the day in the water. Water silt stumbling, his wife a reel,nike france, forward planted in the water, I desperately fishing in the river, but empty-handed, but also wisdom Less than fishing. “Yesterday, in Jiange County Detention Center, Zhang Qiqing eyes looked hollow wall recalls.Currently, the case is still under investigation.(Original title: Director of embezzlement stole credit union treasury 1.35 million(Reporter correspondent Li Xingang to Haifeng Zhou Dan) yesterday, the Changsha Intermediate People’s Court held a public hearing to support the defendant rock, Yang Haibo and other 21 people trafficking,mulberry sale uk, transporting narcotics. By designated, assigned or delegated, 24 defendants participated in the defense. This reporter has learned that the case is the largest narcotics trafficking together since the founding of New China.

rock rock should keep the same village (handled separately) across the border to Myanmar bought 222.35 kg Ma old, and shipped back to the rock support at home.March 9, Yang Haibo, Yang Xin drugs subcontractors loaded banana shipping boxes.

Zhang Qiqing Chengdu Business Daily yesterday told reporters: “My wife said, made such a mistake, what face to see friends and family, me and my wife wanted to commit suicide.”Because Zhang’s wife does not work, the couple unable to repay millions of large sums of money, no hope of future life, decided to commit suicide together. At 2:00 on March 31, and his wife to leave the hotel by taxi, when passing clear rivers, the couple decided to plunge himself. But get off, two from the county that too, so once again ride to the town of Guangyuan Li Lun state area sewage treatment plant. Get off, the couple cried, and then walked to the river arm phase.He, Regret struggling for help to commit suicide! Unfortunately, his wife drowned He rescued the incident jingfangxingjuAfter the fire rushed to the scene and saw a man trapped in the water,moncler piumini, crying issued from time to time, but also kept saying: “Wife, we should not go down this road ah.”The couple went to the depths of the river, step by step,piumino moncler, after the water over his neck, not swim two are staggered, Zhang’s wife stumble in the water. Zhang Qiqing continues to choke the water,abercrombie france, sparking will to survive,magasin hollister, while struggling, while in the water looking for his wife. I do not know how long,christian louboutin cheap, he pulled his wife’s arm, but he was unable to help themselves in deep mud, but unable to save his wife,barbour pas cher, had struggled to help.At 5:20 on March 31, two squadrons of Guangyuan City Fire Brigade received a dispatch command center, said: Lun town sewage treatment plant next to someone jumping into a river to commit suicide, immediately dispatched officers and soldiers rushed to the scene and notify the police and paramedics rushed to the scene .Arrived at the scene, the fire brigade to see about 20 meters away from the shore there is a person trapped in the water.