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Has a small quiet innocent face and petite stature,louboutin femme pas cher, but also to conceal its long-term drug addiction after haggard face. Small quiet confession,hollister, 2012 due to the age of 13 she began taking drugs to lure friends,zanotti pas cher, after the local public security organs according to law found,doudoune femme moncler, then rely on their own willpower to kick the habit for nearly 2 years. Hainan workers this year, because of the ages came to know Mou engaged in drug trafficking,parka woolrich, the two hit it off,louboutin pas cher, since they took the drug abyss. After a small quiet addiction, simply start a Moumou girlfriend. Even so, Moumou did not provide the drug free of charge to small quiet, but at a relatively cheap price to sell to her smoking. Faced with such a result today,louboutin femme pas cher, think of the family home,abercrombie pas chere, parents put up with hardships.

and the selection of high prices, the antibacterial effect of a good ,hogan outlet, amikacin sulfate or other drugs. “Zheng heart that now, countries on the one hand to allow hospitals use of essential drugs, on the one hand and “a product of double”,ciondoli tiffany, the hospital can be a problem. She suggested that the “for a double” to “three rules” or “four rules”, while calling for basic drugs. Such pharmaceutical full competition on the one hand, the price is not too high; the other hand, the hospital must purchase essential drugs, to facilitate patient choice according to their economic capacity.[Overtreatment] Some patients do not need to give input on the infusion now”Now is not the infusion of the patient did not, in fact, there is no need some infusion.” Yesterday, the provincial CPPCC members, vice president of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine center Zheng told reporters that this may not make sense to set a relationship with the health insurance policy .She told reporters, such as lumbar disc herniation, fractures and other diseases cracks do not need infusion therapy. “But in the hospital, the patient must be in order to enjoy the infusion Medicare reimbursement, so in order to be reimbursed, only transfusion.”In order to save the health insurance fund,ciondolo tiffany, she suggested, first of all health insurance policies from the set, a more reasonable number. Meanwhile,woolrich online, health authorities should be limited to: Which diseases should infusion, these excluded, but also reduce the burden on patients.Domestic cancer patients with chemotherapy in the end that should not be done?”Our members are engaged in here for cancer treatment.

the members revealed some medical practice, it is not known what the patient.Yang Fang edition Written by Reporter[Select Restricted] “One good double” bringing more high-priced drugs in patients unable to choose a relatively cheap drug”National ‘a product designations’ intention is good, is to further standardize medication, but now prices are high to recruit them, and doctors do not have to use with have to use.” Yesterday, the provincial CPPCC members,collane tiffany, Shandong Traditional Chinese Medicine University Second Affiliated Hospital, vice president, said Zheng heart, “a product of double” the cheap essential drugs to “rules” out, is not conducive to patient selection, she suggested that “for a double” anchored essential drug system, into the “three rules” or “four regulation.” “One good double” is a term of the pharmaceutical industry, this statement from the starting May 1, 2007 implementation of the “Prescription Management.” “Prescription Management” Article XVI: medical institutions should be approved by drug regulatory authorities in accordance with and released by the generic name drugs purchased drugs. The same generic name of the drug varieties, injectable and oral dosage forms each not more than two kinds of prescription compound preparation composition similar to 1 to 2 kinds. For special treatment is required except in the case of other dosage forms and dosage strengths drugs. “In fact, the government is done to standard medication,doudoune moncler homme, but the ‘double.’, The unified bidding came in medicine, the drug prices have increased to varying degrees.” Zheng heart that this is mainly because there is no competition between pharmaceutical companies . “For example, levofloxacin,giuseppe zanotti homme, we can only into the left grams, Cravit, the price is relatively low levofloxacin not come up.” “And the price is very cheap based drugs,hogan online, such as gentamicin, amikacin, hospital order medical quality assurance, after ‘a product designations’ not selected.

small quiet eventually shed tears of remorse; and for providing drugs to their Moumou, his eyes have no nostalgia and love.Ultimately, the public security organs according to impose law and order detention for a small quiet on the 15th, and I hope it came out really rehabilitation, to start a new life; and Moumou on suspicion of drug trafficking by criminal detention, waiting for his will is of the law .(Original title: young girls committed to drug traffickers drug absorption border police arrested “One good double” the high price of drugs move into the hospital,abercrombie and fitch milano, less expensive drugs; some patients do not need the infusion, gave lose now on; cheap life-saving drugs frequently out of stock, the doctor has failed; the country is almost 100% of the tumor Patients have chemotherapy, which in the end not to do? … In the provincial CPPCC first meeting.