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there are 24 cadres checked, including two the name of the provincial cadres.”Because patrol mainly targeted the provincial and ministerial leaders, work difficulty inspection teams is relatively large, the problem facing more complicated. Therefore, the inspection teams have high-level cadre selection mostly experienced staff to ensure that they have enough experience to deal with complex situation. “Xie Chuntao representation.To the leader,hollister, for example,louboutin soldes, in accordance with the regulations, the head of the central inspection teams have been left mostly in the front-line positions, but have not yet attained the age of 70 years of provincial (chief) of the elected officials.In addition,barbour femme, nearly three inspection teams showing another long selection highlights: once an authorization. “If the head of the long-serving staff by fixed,hollister jackets, is more of a personnel or official arrangements. When it becomes a temporary position,woolrich outlet, the independence of inspection teams have been better protected.” Xie Chuntao evaluation, “once an authorized making institutions and personnel are highly dynamic,pjs, patrol units are difficult to find countermeasures to prepare in advance to maximize human factors weakened. “”Who participated in patrol, who as head of the owner is not known in advance. If the patrol officers and patrol officers were contacted and more, will inevitably lead shielding.” Xie Chuntao said,hollister uk, “And now, the maximum to avoid the patrol officers and the patrol unit Local individuals have the intersection. leader or crew had neither work there,christian louboutin, nor is the locals, work together with the working group process,piumini peuterey, contact is open,basket louboutin, greatly ensure the inspection results. “Xie Chuntao think,soldes louboutin, selected Leader “in the inspector to no work experience” significant, “is to avoid all the connections.” He said.”Overall, eighteen since corruption is more active,hollister paris, positive the present, in a variety of ways with the network reporting,louboutin femme, and multi-pronged approach can be more efficient anti-corruption.” He said.

“I think that the inspection system The anti-corruption efforts will become the norm. This rounds of inspections good results, it is stated that it is necessary to be normalized and institutionalized. But to achieve full coverage, one or two years is not enough, is bound to be a long-term work. “Yanji Rong said,spaccio woolrich, whether it is a special tour group visits or long options,hollister pas cher, the core ideas are “no rules to follow.””The last check, this time you can then check. Once you make an authorized person in charge is not fixed,moncler piumini, it is difficult to form an alliance of interest, easy to ferret out corruption of the people. If fixed, the person in question will inevitably do the work in advance, hinder work.

Subsequently,doudoune pjs, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection system startup.August 2003, “the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, the Central Organization Department,” patrol group was established. Over the past 10 years,giuseppe zanotti pas cher, Cheng Weigao, Chen Liangyu and several other senior officials of corruption crime are inextricably linked with the central inspection teams appear. In 2013 the two rounds of inspections, the outcome is also remarkable: the first round of inspections found violations of law in the management of cadres clues 6; the second round of the 10-point inspections.