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some may brush off, and some are free brush holder, the driver did not see it and sometimes remind easy to provoke abuse; 4,hollister homme, some drivers mistakenly believe that the bus driver “on King car,” but it’s not. For example, you need to turn left at the bus from the bus lane to turn left into the road ahead, and in some sections they often need to cross three lanes,chaussures louboutin pas cher, the driver will feel some straight road is open ‘King car’. Plus larger buses, it is easy to produce the car forced pressure.Experts say Award established more humane but can not solve the fundamental problem”Wronged fee” in the end that should not send? Reporters interviewed some people. Some people think that civilization has always been chased law enforcement personnel duties, obligations to provide basic services and a service industry workers, there is no argument wronged, issue a “wronged Award” is “disguised welfare” or “waste of resources”, some even asked: “Who will send to the people wronged fee?” Others believe that “wronged fee” is a manifestation of human management, in this way to the unfair treatment of employees suffered subsidies, more conducive to the maintenance staff mood.In this regard,giubbotti woolrich, Associate Professor of Public Administration,abercrombie roma, Sichuan University Mingjie He said: “humane care need to exist,tiffany roma, the work of human caring can not be overwhelmed by a rational system.” Some industry specific work involved really easy to cause misunderstanding, sometimes can not avoid conflicts, “From the perspective of the manager,christian louboutin, set the ‘wronged’ award to some extent to appease employees can play the role of emotions, help maintain the workforce.” However,basket nike tn pas cher, due to the “Labor Law” does not make provision for this, So set the “wronged Award” basically a case.Although Settings “wronged Award” will help alleviate employee sentiment.

the bus driver getting the atmosphere, “wronged Award” presented less and less often.Fleet appealFour cases easy wrongedI hope more understanding bus driverBus is the city’s window, the company asked the driver even being wronged,outlet moncler, we should also try to be patient. I hope you can understand us more. “Yun-bus company 201 team principal Ms. Huo said the bus driver in front-line services,barbour catalogue, and passengers, other owners often some small friction,giubbotto woolrich, some people will misunderstand and therefore the bus driver, and then there is a dispute, we hope to be able to for bus drivers more understanding. According to her, the following four kinds of situations prone to impulseAn individual passenger is not high quality, vexatious; 2, bus and get off on the platform requirements, because some passengers missed the car, he ran in front of “blocking” the bus driver even beaten; 3, the driver prompts passenger card.

something has not prone to conflict, while “because hawker stalls urban management officers often face, the public is more willing to emotionally inclined to sympathize with them. “So when you deal with things in urban management staff,abercrombie pas cher, public concerns will often move to urban management and members of the body.

the reporter interviewed a number of the city’s public transport company, understand the current bus fleet in Chengdu, at least 25 teams set up a “wronged Award.” Although the name of the category is different, but the nature of both comfort “wronged” driver. The person in charge of the team,outlet abercrombie, said the establishment of the award is not expressly provided by the company, set up by the team itself,doudoune moncler femme, award amount,scarpe hogan outlet, mostly between 100 yuan to 200 yuan. Since this year, 25 teams were awarded a 10 “wronged Award””In fact, ‘wronged Award’ is only a secondary, the most important thing we have to keep the driver to communicate,air max femme pas cher, to help him ease the negative emotions.” Stars a bus company official told reporters, fleet services every month for the driver training, At the meeting would be “wronged Award” winner commend. At the same time, and these drivers will send someone to communicate, to make them release emotions,doudoune pjs, to work better. However,magasin hollister france, the official also mentioned that more and more high quality with passengers.

but it does not fundamentally solve the problem. “Can only give some consolation employees psychologically.” Mingjie He said that the method is not a real solution to the problem of awards,woolrich italia, “should be carried out to improve on the rules and regulations.”Extend the investigation Inspectors set up a “wronged Award” this year to present no winners”This year, no one has brought a ‘wronged’ award.” Left-dimensional people in charge of the inspectors working the streets of Chengdu Fuqin told reporters that from May 2013 they set up “wronged Award”, a total of 10 people receive an award. “Wronged Award” bonus amount is 50-200 yuan range, depending on the specific circumstances of issuance, and only issued to hire coordinators, inspectors can not receive formal establishment.”The key is to appease the staff, encourage civilized law enforcement.” Left-dimensional people say, because the uneven quality of co-management personnel.