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local government heads to act as chairman and general manager of the local economic activity. Because China is a long time to GDP growth as the main government official performance evaluation index size, and government officials to implement the tenure system, the general five-year term of office,hollister jackets, many officials in order to pursue their own Chiaki performance,woolrich bologna, go all out to make his term GDP maximize growth, often use their power to engage in extensive expansion, wasting resources,moncler soldes, fight the environment, because the most extensive expansion paid off a performance in the short term.Some of our energy-intensive industries have excess capacity,nike air max, but there are still some areas rich in resources to continue the development of these industries, local government arbitrarily lower energy prices (eg electricity) to encourage the development of these industries, the formation of unequal competition,orecchini tiffany, resulting in overcapacity intensified, and as binding targets to reduce energy consumption in recent years did not complete the planned targets. Therefore, to accelerate the transformation of economic development.

To a greater extent now,moncler outlet, a wider range of market allocation of resources to play a basic role. If you want to do this one,doudoune pjs, government reform is critical.Now the main problem faced by the government reform has three aspects: first, government intervention in the allocation of resources in too deep, became the protagonist of the allocation of resources, such as direct investment,parajumpers homme, direct grasping the project intervention projects,parajumpers paris, many private enterprises,abercrombie and fitch, the government should intervene from too deep areas of the economy to gradually withdraw, no longer act as a resource allocation protagonist; the second is the government in the absence of public services, but also more; the third is market regulation is not in place, a large government efforts are to promote economic growth,parajumpers homme, and that food security and countless other problems.South are: What is the main reason for government intervention in the market too much activity too deep,moncler doudoune, this phenomenon is?Zhang Zhuoyuan: The current problem is that many large companies of local government.

continue to expand the “cake” does not cut well,doudoune moncler pas cher, good distribution,hogan outlet, the income gap is too large (close to 0.5), has become the consensus of all walks of life. Because consumer spending in the proportion of GDP declined year by year in the 21st century,tn pas chere, from 46.4% in 2000 down to 34.9 percent in 2011, resulting in lack of consumer demand, consumption on economic growth, weakening economic growth over reliance on investment and exports, affecting the coordination of economic growth and sustainability.Income distribution reform, I think the most important thing is to narrow the income gap unreasonable.

we must transform government functions,parajumpers, the government no longer the main athletes participate in market competition, no longer take the lead in the extensive expansion, reckless pursuit of short-term GDP growth is fastest.I also want to emphasize that the Government’s approval of the system must be great determination to reform,hogan outlet, this reform involves many government officials have approval authority, if not the real thing, it is difficult to promote. Such approval is too costly, too inefficient to spend much money dinners ah! This shows that China’s business environment remains strong improvement, government services and functions of consciousness still greatly enhanced.South are: In the past decade, from the central and local governments have in promoting reform of administrative approval system,hollister milano, such as the State Department has six departments have been awarded the 2497 cancellation and adjustment of administrative examination and approval projects, accounting for 70 per cent of the original total. How about the effectiveness of these reforms?Zhang Zhuoyuan: It is worth noting that the problem does not lie in the removal of administrative approval items. There are 10 such approval, the abolition of nine, leaving one, then the approval of the project has been canceled packed into that one left to go, and that such reform is zero ah! So just say how many cancellations approval is useless, but also how much the essence canceled.The key to solve the income distribution reform gray incomeSouth are: how to look at the income distribution reform? How should understand the relationship between the new era of efficiency and fairness?Zhang Zhuoyuan: China’s income distribution anomaly exists.