hollister magasin on the 17th and the 18th

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while the government on earth problem is not as it makes Kurdish anger, which led to serious disturbances in the southeastern region of soil.US Secretary of State Warren said Washington has asked the government to help the Kurdish armed soil or other tissue into Ke Bani, the only way they will be able to help guard Ke Bani.19, United States for the first time to Ke Bani Kurdish dropped weapons and ammunition to help local Kurdish resistance ISIS continued attacks. US military said that 19 out of a C-130 transport aircraft, transport provided by the Iraqi Kurds of weapons, ammunition and medical supplies.Wu just did not indicate whether the soil to support the US government to Kurdish airdrop weapons.Syrian Kurds main militia groups “People’s Army to defend.

former Foreign Minister Zalmay Rasul to 11.5 percent of the vote in third, and the remaining 5 candidates did not exceed 10% of the vote.Edu Li Electoral Commission said, according to preliminary results,hollister magasin, the presidential election is likely to enter the second round of voting. Preliminary results will be after 18 days of public notice, during which the monitoring agency will review the complaint and fraud. According to the plan,nike tn officiel, the final results will be announced May 14.According to the Afghan Electoral Complaints Commission data,air max femme pas cher, as of now,bijoux pandora, the agency has received more than 2100 complaints apply. Which judged to be “seriously affected the election results.

saying the Kurdish political parties in Turkey and launched decades of independence rebellion,chaussure louboutin, is the soil as an illegal organization PKK (PKK) are linked .Indonesia’s new president to attend the inauguration ceremony of the 20th Zuoke Wei Indonesia Kerry acknowledged fully understand Turkey’s concerns about Kurdish support. “But with the ISIS reject fight,barbour paris, we believe it is irresponsible, but also morally problematic.” Kerry also said the United States does not mean dropping weapons in the fight against extremist groups ISIS change policy. “We talked to the Turkish government,christian louboutin paris, to be clear, this is not a change in US policy.

” said the spokesman He Lier on the 20th,tn, the US military dropped the weapon said to be on the war “have a positive impact” will help boost the morale of the Kurdish fighters,peuterey donna, but the number is not enough to beat the drop ISIS, hope to get more aid. “We do not think that would be a quick end to the fighting Ke Bani.” He said, “Many ISIS numbers,air max bw pas cher, and continued to attack Ke Bani. People have confidence in the defense forces to repel them.”The EU also urged Turkey on the 20th of open borders, allowing the delivery of supplies into the hands inhabitants.Ke Bani turning point of the war?If reinforcements Turkish border into Ke Bani, Ke Bani may become a turning point in the war. is Syria’s third-largest Kurdish settlements,perle pandora, due to the Syrian Kurdish autonomy,louboutin femme, almost destroyed most of Syria’s civil war is almost no impact on here instead became the other parts of the country people Duobizhanluan Syria refuge until September 16, ISIS for this attack.Ke Bani just over 200 meters away from the Turkish border, some observers believe,nike tn officiel, ISIS continued to attack here is to control the hundreds of kilometers of border areas, and thus to infiltrate Turkey. As of now, there are already more than 180,000 refugees fleeing from Ke Bani Turkey.But as a NATO member,chaussure tn pas cher, Turkey did not participate in the US-led coalition against ISIS, and considers that the objectives of the operation should be extended to overthrow the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. President Erdogan soil directly reject the proposal had also armed the main Kurdish parties in Syria.

but an emergency situation.” He said.For more than a week, the state of the US-led warplanes multiple air strikes to help the city expand Kurdish street fighting. On the 20th night,louboutin, went through two days of calm happen again fighting. Some analysts believe that, ISIS extremists are not familiar with street fighting,Giuseppe Zanotti Paris, while Kurdish adamant defenders, coupled with the US-led coalition air strikes against the ISIS, Ke Bani for ISIS is an unprecedented challenge. According to data NGO’s, on the 17th and the 18th, a total of at least 70 militants were killed in the ISIS battle.(Original title: Turkey to allow transit of foreign armed attack “IslamiKABUL,tn pas cher, April 26 (Reporter Chen Hanqi Qiu Bo) on the 26th of the Afghan Independent Election Commission announced preliminary results of presidential elections, opposition leader Abdullah Abdullah with 44.9 percent of the vote lead,tn pas cher, held the second the possibility of a great round of voting.Edu Li Electoral Commission said it had preliminary statistics of all the votes of nearly 6.62 million. Former Finance Minister Ashraf Ghani to 31.5 percent of the vote in second place.