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the South Korean government places the grounds of lack of legal basis,hollister magasin, this behavior with little intervention.October 10, South Korean civic groups in Paju, Gyeonggi Province by hot air balloon distributing anti-DPRK leaflets to the DPRK. North Korea’s military to the anti-DPRK leaflets and then opened fire with a machine gun, several bullets fall in Korea, the Korean military places gun fight back.EdBEIJING, Sept. 11 (Xinhua) According to the US “World News” reported that the Asian Law Students Association and the Asian undocumented Union (ASPIRE) 9 today condemned US President Barack Obama announced the delay promote immigration reform bill. Asian Legal Association announced a boycott of the Obama administration, would refuse to participate in any immigration issue by the White House meeting.Obama recently announced that it will suspend promote comprehensive immigration reform bill until after the November elections are over. Last November, Obama delivered a speech in San Francisco’s Chinatown on Immigration Reform,bijou pandora, a group of undocumented Asian students arrange site stood behind Obama. But during the speech, Obama over undocumented Asian students audibles,toms outlet, accusing lot Illegal emigration continued to deport Obama’s tenure. Among them, 24-year-old Korean student Zhu Hong (Ju Hong) requires Obama to stop the expulsion of illegal immigrants.Asian Legal Association 9th Prasad noted civil rights lawyer, Zhu Hong dialogue during the stage with Obama,air max, Obama argued that the right to stop the execution policy to deport illegal immigrants. But the Federation that this is an excuse for Obama, he has executive power to the President to stop the deportation of emigration.Prasad said that since last November Asian undocumented students in Chinatown podium dialogue with Obama.

saying that if the ROK does not stop this behavior, improve inter-Korean dialogue and inter-Korean relations will not be achieved. North Korea will not tolerate harm national dignity, will take drastic measures to deal with.October 4, went to Incheon Asian Games closing ceremony of the North and South Korean officials held a high-level delegation “lunch talks,” and agreed to during the end of October to early November this year to hold a second inter-Korean high-level contacts. But on October 26,toms shoes outlet, in the direction of the ROK sent to the phone informed that due to South Korea civic groups distributing anti-DPRK leaflets will reconsider the second high-level contact with related matters.In recent years,requin tn pas cher, South Korean civic groups distributing anti-DPRK leaflets activity has always existed.

he said, Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, the nurses dispose of order, but also to protect patient privacy,air max pas cher pour homme, but slapping strokes, he solemnly condemned the violence in health care, support for nurse sue, I hope prosecutors unit Wuwangwuzong.He said that violence can only medical institutions according to the “Medical Law” liable to a fine of NT $ 30,red bottom pumps,000 to 50,000 yuan, and it hopes to update the criminal, and to non-upon complaint,charms pandora, even if the victim’s medical personnel are not willing to pursue violence, perpetrators still be subject to criminal prosecution, in order to provide medical practitioners at ease working environment.After the incident, Taiwan society a lot of commentary and reflection. In fact, the revised criminal,air max bw pas cher, just after the chase punishment,nike tn requins, as far as possible in order to curb violence in the hospital,air max pas cher chine, the hospital and the authorities need to come together to establish a preventive system. In addition to establishing preventive and punish legal system of rules is more important is the question of how to further deepen the reform of health system by continuously improve the health workers ethics and professional pride, to establish a doctor-patient relationship and mutual trust social atmosphere, this is the plan for long-term solution.Xinhua Pyongyang, November 1 (Reporter Lu Rui ) November 1, according to KCNA reported that North Korean Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of the Fatherland said in a statement, condemning the South Korean civic groups again distributing anti-DPRK leaflets, and said that if South Korea does not stop distributing such leaflets, inter-Korean relations can not be improved.A statement condemning the South Korean civic groups October 31 night near Gyeonggi distributing anti-DPRK leaflets behavior and stressed that the DPRK has repeatedly warned of serious ROK,pandora pas cher, distributing anti-DPRK leaflets will not only make the second high-level contacts between the two Koreas into bubble, leading to inter-Korean relations will rupture.Statement accused the South Korean government is distributing leaflets “mastermind”.

Obama refused and deported by immigration policies affect individuals and families to meet, and now he further announced that delayed pushing immigration reform bill, so immigrant community disappointed. Asian Federation decided to take legal action against Obama boycott, including immigrants refused to attend any meeting convened by Obama.

and aggravated criminal amendment, and hope as soon as possible to amend the law to provide medical professionals safe and secure work environment,nike air max 1, and to guarantee good medical environment.”Ministry of Health and Welfare,” doing things the day medical hospital also severely condemned the violence, saying Wang Guifen behavior has violated “Medical Law” Article 24. In addition,cheap toms sale, the Secretary Li Wai Keung medical department respond to the appeal that the Health and Welfare Department is studying amendments “Medical Law”,air max pas cher femme, the hospital violence by “Antragsdelikt” to “indictable offense”,air jordan spizike pas cher, updating criminal section. Many “legislative body” and “legislators” have also said it would actively work with the appropriate legislative procedures.KMT Legislator Su Qingquan November 27,veste barbour, said the hospital to condemn the violence, hoping to complete as soon as possible to amend the law should be changed to non-violence in the hospital upon complaint. Su Qingquan served as chairman of the Federation of Taiwan Medical Association.