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” that is, compensation for the use of excessive construction; can not be used to adjust the operation of the market open for lease, regulate the behavior of state-owned asset disposal, but now it has suffered reform office space aground.Wenzhou City Government Offices Administration of the Secretary Bo introduction, one is “scaling difficult.” According to the 2009 National Development and Reform Commission published the “party and government organs of office space construction standards,” principal office use county area of ��20 square meters,http://www.ytzjj.com/bbs/thread-188429-1-1.html, 12 square meters deputy, directly under the authority of its section-level cadres 9 m2, Kejiyixia 6 m2. And such a standard that much difference with the actual situation,hollister, it is difficult “condemnation.”For example, some of the county office level leadership is often “multi-purpose hall”, set office, parlor, small meetings,barbour, rest in one, far more than 12 square meters. Section-level cadres 6 m2,hollister, in fact there is no such office space,http://www.8liuxing.com/home.php?mod=spacecp&ac=blog&blogid=,abercrombie paris, the size of the existing house, it would have to work together several chief, we huddled together receiving visitors, called interference.The second is “cutting difficult.” Diverse types of office buildings, structures built after the size has been determined.

“hidden in the big city.” Pi luxurious government buildings such as Sichuan, built five years is not listed,http://www.hzhunjia.com/?mod=spacecp&ac=blog&blogid=, media exposure after the “shy” to “recognize identity.” A county-level city in Anhui style of the municipal government building opened two years,http://www.555519.com/#929777/read.php?tid=41858, not even a striking front signage. There are some units to “dispatch center”,hogan outlet, “Testing Center” and other names “upgrade” office building. Experts point out that this kind of hidden “government office” must apparition,outlet moncler, supervision was more powerful.”House change” like “tofu” reform faces three challengesOver the years, the continuous ban on new office buildings and hotels,air max femme, but a few “luxury Yamen” is still emerging. Some parts of the country are quietly testing the waters “House change”, as pioneered in April last year, Wenzhou reform in the country to test the water system of administrative units of office space, but in the past year falter.Originally intended to establish “excessive centralized management of office space.

ed into the sea Zhuhai border officersXinhua Beijing February 9 power (“Xinhua Viewpoint” reporter Lu Wenjun, Zhang Heping, Xu Haitao) central state organs 86 departments and units to clean vacate 3.65 million square meters of office space; Shanxi cleanup exceeded 640,000 square meters of office space, more than 15,000 projects have been stopped; Hunan government agencies to vacate excess office area of � ver 870,http://webc.cqxiangmai.net/bbs/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=539639,000 square meters … Central has introduced the “cessation of office space,hogan scarpe, office buildings and hotels and cleanup notice” and “opposition party and government austerity waste regulations “,doudoune femme moncler, the limit was built around constantly coming clean room” good voice. “Following the official business abroad,hogan olympia, buses.

people’s congresses, governments, and other major systems of the “number one”,http://shandepower.com/news/html/?13891.html,hollister abercrombie, and the Office of the central state organs “in charge” and part of the leadership team members are included in the measurement range.In accordance with the relevant provisions of the ministerial-level use of the area is not more than 54 square meters per person, are department (bureau) level using an area not more than 24 square meters per person,http://www.sgjy169.com/home.php?mod=spacecp&ac=blog&blogid=, is a public use area not more than 9 square meters per person … but in reality continue There area exceeded,tiffany anelli, the leading luxury office facility was exposed. From the investigation of the situation, some problems need attention.Office space area have been repeatedly break some local systems and requirements set aside. At present, most local published figures are generally repaying only involves repaying the total number of units and the total area to repel out of the house for what purposes without further explanation.Excessive inventory space should be no “dead.” Interview survey found, with the luxury of building wind spread, many parts of the “lower level, the more wide leadership offices,abercrombie pas cher,” the Guaixiang. Some township leaders excessive office space, and is equipped with meeting rooms,hollister site officiel, small meeting rooms, and even the bedroom, shower room, inside the building there is a gym, recreation room, some even up to a hundred meters.When a reporter asked what impact the office exceeded, some leaders actually alleging: “? Work hard, improve working conditions, what can not.” In addition more explanation is “historical issues”, and known as the “House have to have courage in order to cover the investment. “Some buildings built.

public reception after wasteful luxury excessive “government office”, a social concern, “the fourth public” ills. Reporter survey found that in some places still encounter “perfunctory” clean up the current “clean room Reform” in.Sense of privilege to be dissipated, hidden “government office” should “apparition”Hunan Province-level leadership to retain only one person at the office space; Guangdong repaying office space over 3300,magasin hollister, an area of ��146,woolrich outlet online,000 square meters; the Liaoning provincial government leadership and vacate office space over the area … Recently, more leading cadres to carry out the clean-up of office space vacate exceeded.In addition to the “Three” waste,http://gamsa.net/guestbook/index.php?item/create_form/1, known as the “fourth public” office space extravagance became ills problem. Although Central repeated demands, but such phenomena repeated. July 2013,scarpe hogan, two Office issued “on the party and government organs to stop the new government building and cleaning of office space,barbour paris,” which is to ensure the implementation of the relevant departments to carry out inspection activities. Local party committees.