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claiming Xiaoshan who had a marriage, children are not small.Xiaofang mother was quite correct,hollister online, it does not matter a little big men,boutique louboutin paris, who understand the pain, a sense of security.They do not have to register to get married together, until now.Xiaofang listened to my mother, and Chiang Kai-shek went to Guangdong Huizhou,basket louboutin, where Chiang Kai-shek began operating a mahjong, Xiaofang care also played a teahouse.Hao Hao was born the son of that time. This is a lovely child, big eyes, who looks Hutouhunao, cute.Slightly larger children, Chiang Kai-shek was added back home development in Zhejiang, so Xiaofang put a house was worth 800,000 yuan to sell her name, said cover villa home.However, they did not return to the Xiaoshan, but went Dinghai. Count that $ 800,000 Laojiang scrape together 300 million, at a fixed Han a KTV.That was the day of fame. Chiang Kai-shek that time for the father said, “Dad, you do not go out to work, and at home with Hao Hao right,parajumpers, I’ll give you the money!”Children see father stole play “ice” Grandfather said the child secretly cried many timesThree years ago, it took his family back to Chiang Kai Xiaoshan.”How long did not come back, I found that he and his daughter have changed,parajumpers, the mood became a little weird.” Liu recalls.At this time, Hao Hao back,parajumpers femme, heard here,barbour jackets, the child suddenly chimed in: “! Mom giggle all day, it is always himself and his talk.”The couple began to frequently check in Xiaoshan various luxury hotels, per stay,hollister, yet many men and women to follow up the room. Later, they simply live in a hotel.Once, Hao Hao through the door to see my father play “ice” in the room. Child to see this scene told my grandfather.

only 51-year-old grandfather Liuzong Li � yes, Liu did not work,hogan outlet, when police found him,tiffany milano, his body is only ten dollars.The little boy lived in the police station for three days He asked: parents are not doing a bad thingFrom February 11 to 19, Hao Hao lived first in the police station for three days, and later was sent to the rescue shelter.”We’re looking for the child’s relatives through various methods, but his family, both parents are the scourge of the drug to be miserable.” Wu Meng said police investigators,woolrich outlet online, Hao Hao grandparents have passed away, my father had a previous marriage, Chiang Kai-shek, his ex-wife early take the child away.Chiang Kai-shek and two sisters, Chiang Kai-shek couple times before they lend money to the drug, causing them and their children owe a debt ass, leg to stand on.Xiaofang mother side, Hao Hao grandmother has passed away,doudoune parajumpers, and the child’s uncle also caught four people were.Live at the police station when the police have asked Wu Hao Hao Meng.

my mom and dad are not doing a bad thing, when to back Wu Meng speechless, very sad.Finally, the police contacted Liu Hao Hao’s grandfather.Liu is also the number of days not contact her son, was very worried, went to the school to inquire about Hao Hao, or the teacher told the situation,barbour paris, asking him to quickly contact the police station.”The elderly are also quite poor,chaussure zanotti, I heard that the savings would have been her daughter-in-law over drug absorption, and he did not work, we found him, his body is only ten dollars.”Yesterday morning,woolrich donna, the police in spontaneous donations, totaling 6700 yuan. This is an old and a little present all her money.No drug before opened KTV The family has fameAccording to the police the way, I find this a little old building in Xiaoshan four of Minghui garden.This family is very simple without the slightest rough Fan decoration, which also piled a lot of sand cement, vacated position put a big bed, the edge piled clothes and feeding.Sallow on a table,scarpe hogan outlet, stood three thick album, it is a family of three in the past according to Hao Hao artistic photos. Inside, three Zhangfeng Run smile, it seems, one can not help but bear in mind. “They’re not so long ago the couple’s appearance,barbour, and now only a thin skinny!”Cold cold room.Yesterday afternoon, Hao Hao begged my grandfather came home from school, said she wanted to eat hot snacks. My grandfather’s eyes wet,parka woolrich, but he choked back tears streaming down.Liu Hao Hao let out to play for a while. The Shandong man’s tears fell down, big stars big stars. He smoked a cigarette before a horde of God, slowly memories.Xiaofang daughter and son-shek met in Henan. Xiaofang 18 years old, Chiang Kai-shek was already 38 years old. Chiang Kai-shek is the time to do real estate business.