hollister online but also asked people to help seal the 500 missing person

give him work.” Treasure spent on the spot refused.Second came the father,hollister online, gave Bao spend 50 yuan to spend with him again to go treasure.Bao said the flower, you can go, be sure to bring adoptive Chenzhen Gui.After that, the biological father has come to treasure flower several times, but failed to agree on, and finally he had to give up.Son drowned, father suffering from dementia often lostChenzhen Gui from dementia in his son’s death.That year, Bao spent entered primary school, Chen spent at home in front of his brother play in the water pond drowned.”This is a big blow to the father, he cried for several days, and later on blankly.” After that Chenzhen Gui mind a bit confused and often lost. “He usually two or three days back.

silt Town, Badu town, new town pond, Mao Village warehouse, even picking up her Chenzhen Gui Jiangxi back … but have been to no avail.Chen said the flower, if the father is gone, she left with a man.If you see Chenzhen Gui elderly, or know the clues,barbour paris, please call our hotline 0579 Tianhe district, who lives in East Lu Dexin Liu aunt folks suffering from rheumatoid 40 years,red bottom sandals, hands and feet joints severely distorted,tn air max 2014 pas cher, recently threw a few wrestle, aches and pain and pus than legs. After many years as a result of her daughter emigrated to the US did not return, the octogenarian husband are unable to care, mobility of the elderly has not been to more than eight years building, kindly postman Yang Guozhen chance that the situation of the elderly,chaussure louboutin pas cher, often taking the time to care, to buy her vegetable soup.Text / reporter Guo XiaohaoCorrespondent Xie JingMap / reporter Luo ChangweiLady suffering from rheumatoid with walkingPostman called on more people are concerned and mobility of the elderly ladyMusic for the little goodThe so-called small plot National Cheng Kung Tak good to welcome readers to call “report” good deeds around.

posted its 19-year-old daughter is Chenzhen Gui Chen flowers.Since lost, Chen traveled alone spent more than a dozen villages near their home, but unfortunately nothing. “I’ve been to the bright side, I always find my father, and he also pro-biological parents than me countless times,” yesterday, it’s still hard to find in flower Chen said,site hollister, stressing each syllable.Bazaar, picked up the unwanted abandoned babyChenzhen Gui was born in Zhejiang and Jiangxi provinces at the junction of country towns and villages celebrate.May 9, 1992 in the morning, go to the market to Jiangxi Chenzhen Gui, in the bazaar see many people around an abandoned baby girl, you picked her.Chenzhen Gui never married,peuterey, had a child before the adoption of a daughter, 28-year-old son had his mind not very good, daughter unfortunately fell into the pond and drowned.Bao said the flower, because of poverty, father initially did not ready to adopt her,nike tn 2014, just want their children to be good people led away. Can wait until 13:00 and more, still no one to hold her go, good heart took her father to return home,Giuseppe Zanotti Pas Cher, named Chen flower, named on the grounds that: you are the father of the baby, but also a beautiful flower .Whose cattle born cubs, and went to seek his daughter to drink milkChenzhen Gui no money to buy milk for the youngest daughter, only to boil rice cereal for her to eat,red bottom boots, as long as the people in the village to raise cattle or sheep born cubs, he will catch up with the door, begging for some milk to feed their children.”He told me better than anyone else, apart from food and clothes I can not compare to others, no better than other people’s.” Chen took the impression, from an early age his father took her to where I go, people to delicious The father he never want to eat, have slipped her. She felt that, although the family was poor,nike air max pas cher, but very warm.Because the family was poor.

Chen spent only elementary school until the age of 10, is one of the largest class child, when his father had 70 years of age. Until now, the primary school teacher Candice Chen spent on the child and her family still remember very clearly. “Every time it rains or snows,christian louboutin paris, her father would take ten years to the mountain to her meal, spend outside the classroom called Bao Bao flower.” Wang said.Biological father refused to call, “you have to go to bring adoptive”Treasure flower grew to know he was not Chenzhen Gui daughter,tn soldes, Chenzhen Gui never hidden from her, it does not stop her from looking for birth parents. “As long as I can live Haojiu Hang father, whom it does not matter.”Bao spent 15 years old,barbour catalogue, the biological father really came to the door. “I kissed my father told me not to read, with his back to grow vegetables to sell.

the longest time was 13 days away from home.” Every time father came home, he would ask treasure flower children gone, Chenzhen Gui always not answer.In 2007, because of economic problems at home, Chen spent out of school to work in the field, but did not take long to resign her home,hollister, because his father has wandered off.After that, she was looking for a job in the country town,louboutin prix, bought a car battery, two or three times a week to go home to his father one day you can eat good food, daily necessities add points.”I have thought about the father to receive country, but a much more dangerous to the country car, and secondly, if he lost even more difficult to find in the country.” Bao said the flower,christian louboutin soldes, the adoptive father is not willing to go to the nursing home, stick to the one at home.This time, the father wandered off the seventh time around last November 21.Bao spent reported to the police,nike air max 1, but also asked people to help seal the 500 missing person, has gone to the nearby village leader, HE villages.