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quality, brakes, bell and night reflectors shall meet the technical standards for the safety of non-motorized.The 2005 implementation of the “bicycle safety requirements” Article 5,hollister online, each bike should be equipped with two braking systems,hogan interactive donna, a front wheel brake, rear brake another. Currently on the market “dead fly”, or not loading gate,abercrombie et fitch, or just install a front brake,abercrombie pas cher, obviously does not meet the above requirements.This morning, Chaoyang traffic detachment of police,abercrombie pas chere, told reporters that at present in the enforcement process has not been strictly limited “dead fly” on the road. But the future will be for these new vehicles.

a publication called the world’s largest “hybrid cat” Brothers pictured. Feline half lion,tiffany italia, half tiger this odd big size, 8-year-old “brother” had weighed 800 pounds.According to Australia’s “Daily Telegraph” November 10 news that ten years ago, the United States Institute of extremely endangered and rare species initiated the plan. They make vixen with a lion mating, pregnancy after giving birth to such a liger. Currently, born four weeks and eight-year-old two liger in the US state of North Kaluolinuo a Wildlife Center debut. Petite body “Liger brother” pound weight gain per day,hogan scarpe, over one year of age up to 165 kg. Adult only “Liger brother” is already 406 kg, up to 183 cm high.

in the acceleration of the process,hogan outlet, almost feel less power loss,hollister magasin, acceleration quickly.”Dead fly” to finish the 100 meters only took 9.35 seconds per hour by the end of the time for 38.5 km.”Dead fly” brakes with 11 meters before it stoppedThrough more than two tests at the end, reporters were emergency brake. Ordinary bicycle brakes front and rear brake at the same time, the braking distance of 8.4 meters.Reporter ride “dead fly” pinch under braking front brake wheel brake, while the rear brake pedal backwards feet. Final braking distance of 11.2 m.

the introduction of new regulations.Reporter noted, Shenzhen, Xiamen,tiffany firenze, Ningde and other places, the traffic control department that “dead fly” is a venue stunt vehicle, not the traditional brakes,nike air max 1, Department of missing non-motor vehicle safety equipment,tiffany anelli, and therefore prohibits “dead fly” on the road.News Memory 4 accident killed four peopleAt 12:20 on March 16,moncler doudoune, 2014 Xu,woolrich, near Zhangzhou city, Fujian amber road, riding a “dead fly” the 13-year-old girls bike, by a speeding car came Zhuangfei killed.May 5, Longgang District, Kowloon City street benevolent Lung Cheung Road intersection, A 17-year-old riding ocean “dead fly” over the road truck was killed.May 10, 16-year-olds were riding in a “dead fly” along State Road 105 to the direction of travel from Guangzhou, Zhongshan, collided with a pedestrian, traumatic brain injury due to the heavy death on May 19.May 19.

compared with ordinary bicycle to grow nearly 3 meters. And during braking, the rear wheels lift appeared in the case. Moreover, even in the 11.2 m at “dead fly” has not fully stopped, the need to fight the side of the car to a complete stop backward.And in the case of not using the front brake, the reporter several tests can not be “dead fly” within 15 meters of the stop.Text / reporter Fanbo Tao Zhu Tianlong(Original title: one hundred meters race “dead fly” more than three meter Global Network reporter Liang reported wildlife conservation organizations in the United States.

14-year-old high school students in Guizhou Zunyi Lee in “dead fly” when riding, fell to death from a high ridge.Measured Braking distance grow nearly 3 metersBecause there is only one dead fly front brake,hogan scarpe donna, do not even loading gate features, the media often see “dead fly” an accident report. “Dead fly” security risk, how much? Reporters found that the actual test, in the state of high-speed ride, “dead fly” grow nearly 3 meters braking distance than ordinary bicycles.Test Description: Reporter prepared a common price and install front brake “dead fly”, and a general speed bike, through the “one hundred meters race,” estimates two cars acceleration and braking distance.From the exterior, “dead fly” wheel diameter greater than ordinary bicycle, but slightly narrower tire width. And the tread on the tire is very shallow, friction should be better than ordinary bicycles. On vehicle weight,louboutin femme, “dead fly” significantly more lightweight, only about 8 kg weight, while the ordinary bike weighs about 15 kg.Test sites located on a vehicle.

they understand the “dead fly” performance, will require the installation of the front brakes on the basis of the original car.Opened in the five camps alley, a “dead fly” store clerk said they will ask the sales every customer to install brakes. “From here we go to sell the car, no anxiety gate.”As a senior player Hui Yu said, not without fear,hollister italia, many new to the “dead fly” young lack of safety awareness. For example, he said, if a car is priced at $ 500, and even professional players will spend 400 yuan to buy a helmet, “but let some young people, not even the gates do not want to.”Interpretation does not meet safety standards in the field has been bannedReporter survey found that “People’s Republic of China on Road Traffic Safety Law” Article 18 of the non-motor vehicle dimensions.

pedestrian less smooth asphalt, from the beginning to the end of a distance of 100 meters.Testing process Accelerate one hundred meters race “dead fly” fast 3 secondsReporters do the test first to use an ordinary bicycle, flywheel gear after departure from low to high, to maximize riding during acceleration. When the bike through the finish line,air max pas cher pour homme, the speed of 27.8 km / h, consuming a total of 12.95 seconds.Next, the reporter riding “dead fly” in the same way to test. Because the car’s flywheel lock, chain always closely linked to the flywheel, unlike ordinary bicycle chain resilient. Therefore.