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urbanization and low degree of deep-seated reasons.Zhongnan University Professor Qiao Xinsheng said that the productivity factor allocation imbalance is the direct cause of spring appear. Eastern coastal areas have a lot of capital, technology and markets,hollister outlet, while the Midwest is a large number of surplus labor. The fundamental way to resolve the problem lies in the spring as possible to achieve a balanced allocation of production factors, a large number of capital,nike tn pas cher magasin, technology transfer to the Midwest, to absorb the local workforce.Professor,chaussures louboutin soldes, School of Public Administration, Renmin University of China Yumin Ye specifically pointed out that the current dual system makes it difficult for migrant workers to integrate into the city, the impact they enjoy fair treatment,piumini woolrich, including housing,abercrombie pas cher, children’s education and public services, exile unable to home, let alone reunite in the workplace.Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Professor Wang Chunguang believes spring solve the problem, you need to rely on the ongoing urbanization, especially in situ urbanization. If you can promote the transfer of industries,bracciale tiffany, increase public investment, create jobs, more people in local employment, usually with his wife and children and their parents, the problem does not exist in the home for Spring Festival.And Zhou Xiaozheng believes that if only so that farmers upstairs urbanization, expanding the scope of the city, not to break the urban-rural split, to provide farmers with sufficient employment opportunities,woolrich outlet online, you can not stop migrants flocked to work in several major cities. He believes that the integration of urban and rural areas is the right direction.Yumin Ye said spring is a comprehensive large-scale systems problem.

the company’s employees and their families to come to Guangzhou reimbursed travel expenses,piumini moncler, also organizes excursions.However, this “reverse happy” after all, not the mainstream. According to statistics, in the second half of last year,chaussures louboutin pas cher, the PRD enterprises around the world about 2670 million migrant workers are expected to return the number of about 2200 people.Also for ease traffic purposes, it was suggested, should be adjusted holidays, paid leave system to implement,hollister kids, so that workers can be more flexible leave arrangements.Chinese Academy of Engineering Wang Meng-shu had repeatedly raised the Spring Festival holiday is too short is an important cause of traffic concentration. Christmas holidays abroad more than 10 days,tiffany orecchini, and we population, large land area, the Spring Festival holiday, but only seven days,abercrombie et fitch, causing traffic concentration.Some experts said in an interview, and other measures to ease passenger reverse reunion,vetement hollister pas cher, it would be difficult to change the pattern of the spring from the root, for many people,tiffany gioielli, home for Spring Festival is equivalent to a “just be.”Urbanization can relieve spring problem?How to crack the spring problem? Some scholars have attributed the formation of the spring puzzle imbalance of regional economic development.

January 4, Kinetics characters hardware factory in Dongguan Ming real work in order to protect workers who were injured foot machines, require hospitalization. Kinetics characters do not go home we tried to persuade the New Year, but was adamant Kinetics characters: working outside year, home for the holiday,chaussure louboutin pas cher, his six months of hope.Kinetics characters like migrant workers and there are hundreds of thousands, with relatives and students stream flow,abercrombie et fitch, converging huge Spring Festival passenger flow. Some experts pointed out that to solve the problem the spring,hogan scarpe, can not rely on to increase capacity, but also to find ways to ease traffic from.Reporters learned that, in recent years, Guangdong and other places during the Spring Festival “reverse move,hollister soldes france, reverse reunion” phenomenon.In the advertising industry in Guangzhou Ling Hao, will again this year in Hunan, Guangzhou parents and siblings to receive the New Year, this is the fourth time his family in a foreign land “reverse happy” the. On the eve of the Spring Festival, the Guangdong region of passenger surging northward home, visitors to Guangdong, the Chinese New Year Spring Festival passenger flow inverse is also flooded.Reporters learned from China Southern Airlines and other airlines around the Spring Festival, some airlines have launched the “Guangdong Reunion” ticket, at a specified time by the Guangzhou and Shenzhen round-trip ticket or even as low as 2.5 fold.Some companies have introduced their own conditions for the incentives. Guangdong uncertain life Ltd. Chairman Chen Lang said that their products are mainly exported, some employees will leave during the Spring Festival, so he encouraged the employee’s spouse, children come to Guangzhou New Year.