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both of which received financial support for research funding difference of 23 times. According to Xinhua News AgencyQuestioningWho will monitor the allocation of funds?Vice president of education in Guangdong Province,hollister paris, Zhongshan University Professor Wei Huang said, “211” generation “985” in China was limited educational resources,escarpins louboutin, the level of overall development of higher education and the gap between the West needs to focus its resources to run part of the high-level universities there is a positive effect.But some education experts also pointed out that nearly 20 years ago and “985”,moncler pas cher, “211” project, and the current development of Chinese universities today and do not fully adapted,peuterey outlet, and easily lead to some trickery, education “lazy government” other “side effects” should make the appropriate adjustments as soon as possible.One obvious drawbacks is fighting for funds, increased educational injustice.Some universities even have a “Finalist” PARTICIPATING qualifications, but also need to “run the ministries for money” to get the project. Guangdong Provincial Government inspectors that is not due to special funds allocated through open competitive way.

nearly 20 years ago.”Project 211″, “985 Project” universities are national key construction projects in the last century has raised the former refers to the 21st century focus on building about 100 colleges and universities and a number of key disciplines, currently a total of 112 colleges and universities enter “211”; the latter is in the “211” within the scope of further selection of world-class universities,parajumpers femme, only 39 colleges and universities, “the list”, “985.”In fact, two engineering colleges set aside only to “rank or grade”, but also determines the “wealth” of the University – it is behind the funding of education. Universities of “211”, “985” of the race, it means special funds for the fight,parajumpers homme, this substantial funds both state funding is supporting provincial finalists or not the development of universities is different.This accounts for university research funding from all levels of government funds can be seen in proportion. 2013, as “211”, “maximum total funding research Tsinghua sequence of 3.931 billion yuan, 2.775 billion yuan of financial allocations, accounting for 70.6%,air max pas cher femme, rather than” “985 211”,red bottoms, “985” in the largest university research funds Southwest Petroleum University,doudoune pjs, 460 million yuan, only 26.1% of the financial allocation of about 120 million yuan.

how to adjust and reform, and will not become a “sleeping requirements,hollister milano,” worth the wait. According to Xinhua News Agency(Original title: “211”, “985” is alleged to college “between rich and poor watershed”)Ed[June and October this year,scarpe hogan, chairman of the NPC Foreign Affairs Committee,Giuseppe Zanotti Pas Cher, Fu Ying and the famous American statesman Henry Kissinger on Sino-US relations dialogue launched two wonderful article excerpts first conversation since June.

but no widespread participation and supervision of society, entirely through administrative means and the will,christian louboutin for cheap, on the basis of materials submitted expert assessment, closed operation, there is space for rent,chaussures louboutin, So many colleges and universities in Beijing have set up “funds to do”, “run the Department of Beijing” competition funding. Went to school more and more money,peuterey, other schools are less and less money, a vicious cycle, increased differentiation.In addition,chaussure tn pas cher, there is a “985”,louboutin heels, “211” exists, some recruiters as a “threshold” handicapping recruit college graduates,christian louboutin pas cher, resulting in many non- “graduates 985” and “211” college of hard to get a fair chance to compete, further exacerbated Graduates Employment.The history of higher education in China has basically completed its mission of “985”, “211”, the future development of the road to better fit the Chinese higher education.